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10 Signs of True Love In a Relationship

Do you want to know if there is true love that exists within your romantic relationship? The following signs will give you confidence that the love you and your partner have in your relationship is real.

1. There is a sense of sacrifice.

You are ready to give up your comfort zone, important possessions, self-centered ambitions, and even your own happiness to make your partner happy and your relationship healthy.

2. There is no selfishness.

There is only a partnership. You think, decide and act not only for yourself but for your relationship. You treat each other as two people united as one in heart, mind and soul.

3. You learn how to love yourself.

You don’t hurt yourself because you can recognize your importance to the one you love. You understand that if you hurt yourself, you are also hurting your partner and relationship.

4. There’s mutual respect.

You value each other despite your differences. The man is respected as a man and the woman is respected as a woman. You listen to each other’s opinions, and when there’s a difference, you both agree to work it out and remain happy in your relationship.

5. When love and hate collide, love survives.

In other words, even when you’re mad at your partner, your love for him/her doesn’t falter. You never stop caring and ensuring that your significant other is always well.

6. You enjoy love with the truth.

Lying is not an option. Honesty is always practiced and it has already become a habit in your relationship. You and your partner enjoy it, as it helps both of you get rid of jealousy and insecurities.

7. Hardships make you more patient.

Troubles and problems in a relationship usually destroy people’s patience. But in your case, those crises make you and your loved one even stronger and more patient.

8. You trust each other.

You don’t have any reason to doubt your partner (and vice versa) because you do not only trust each other but also strive to be trustworthy with each other.

9. Hope is never lost.

No matter how big your relationship problems are, no matter how dark your future seems to be, you always feel positive and see a light for tomorrow.

10. Faith is based on actions.

Your hope and trust are not just false beliefs. You trust each other and you hope for the future because you both act and work hard to gain confidence that your hope and faith will not be in vain.

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