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20 Reasons Romance Fades in Long Term Relationships

20 Reasons Romance Fades in Long Term Relationships

  1. We are doing things, in the beginning, to impress each other and then discontinuing.

  2. Working long hours and having little energy for anything else.

  3. Inconsistent intimate moments, meaning sex has died.

  4. Waiting for the other person to initiate romance.

  5. Not having equal libido, some couples do not have the same sex drive.

  6. Separate work schedules cause you to barely see each other.

  7. Too tired for romance due to doing too much throughout the day.

  8. Too much fighting over petty things kills the mood for romance.

  9. Being dishonest and hiding things from each other creates feelings of anger and resentment.

  10. Too much focus on kids, especially if you let them sleep in the bed with you.

  11. Listening to the advice of others often creates more conflicts than solutions.

  12. Hanging out late with friends, family, etc. and not coming home until it’s time to go right to sleep.

  13. Engaging in separate activities that leave each other out.

  14. Resentment, jealousy, and anger tend to lead to game playing and punishing each other by withdrawing affection.

  15. Non-relatives living in the home make it hard to have private time for intimacy.

  16. Spending habits create a considerable wedge since one person always feels like they are working to maintain the bills while the other person spends, which in turn creates resentment.

  17. Some individuals have all types of unhealthy habits, such as substance abuse or alcohol abuse which impact libido and performance.

  18. Infidelity creates a distance and contributes to distrust. This will affect your desires for each other, so it needs addressing and fixing.

  19. One or both partners no longer engage with each other since they spend long hours gaming.

  20. Being bored due to routine and not enough fun. You become too comfortable and complacent in your daily schedules and forgot to enjoy each other

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