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20 Tips How to Rekindle a Relationship

How to Rekindle a Relationship

  1. Back to basics, start with simple plans you both used to enjoy. What did you both do when you first started dating? Can you try some of that again?

  2. Be honest about what you expect from each other instead of saying what keeps the peace.

  3. Talk about sex and what you like or want to try.

  4. If and when possible, live just the two of you, with no relatives or roommates.

  5. Make dedicated time for each other, beginning with once a week.

  6. Avoid staying up late since being too tired contributes to killing the romance.

  7. Pay attention to your physical appearance. Do not neglect basic hygiene such as brushing teeth your before bed, taking a daily shower or bath, etc.

  8. Start dressing up. It doesn’t have to be fancy but wear clean and nice-looking clothing. Save the more worn-down outfits for the gym.

  9. Be available to talk over tea or coffee at least once a week.

  10. If you must fight or disagree on things; avoid fighting in bed.

  11. Make your bedroom into a sanctuary that is clear of clutter and visual distractions.

  12. Prepare home meals and focus on cooking together and dining without cell phones or watching TV.

  13. Start working out since it will improve stamina.

  14. Buy flowers/gifts or do nice things for each other for no reason.

  15. Surprise your mate with their favorite meal or dinner place.

  16. Take them to a movie at least once a month, or if you prefer stream one together at home, but leave the cell phones in another room.

  17. Give them a greeting card (no, not an email but an actual card on paper you write inside) expressing your appreciation.

  18. Focus on something you like about them such as their appearance, sense of humor, etc.

  19. Be patient since changes take time to rebuild.

  20. When things seem to be slipping back, reset and do not give up.

Regardless of how many tips you try, consistency is critical. Things did not become unromantic overnight. It was a gradual progression as we got busy trying to achieve personal goals. Maintenance is the key to keeping the romance going. Just because you make a few attempts, and start feeling good again, do not stop whatever you are doing. If you go back to old habits, you will slip back into the same old routines that destroyed the spark from the onset.

Yes, it is hard, but unless you want things to become stale, this is what has to happen.

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