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3 Crystals to Support Trauma Healing

Any event or a series of events that causes high levels of stress can be called a traumatic experience. When we go through a traumatic experience, we often feel a sense of helplessness, desperation, and intense fear. Traumatic experiences can leave a long-lasting imprint on our body-mind system, causing energetic blockages and anxiety which, in turn, can affect our general health and well-being.

Working with crystals is a great way to help us heal from trauma, especially since most crystals have very gentle, nurturing vibrations that allow us to work at our own pace and do not cause any side effects.

Crystals can relieve our stress, soothe anxiety, and help us attune to the higher frequencies of universal love. In addition to that, their vivid colors and other beautiful aesthetic properties have a revitalizing and uplifting effect on our mood.

The following is my selection of 3 crystals that can help you heal from traumatic experiences-

Rhodochrosite-Rhodochrosite is a perfect example of a crystal that not only has powerful healing properties, but is also beautiful to look at. Its swirly patterns of pink blended with white and light gray hues delight our senses and help calm our mind.

Rhodochrosite is a Heart Chakra crystal, which means that working with this crystal can help to heal and open your heart. Its potent effect on the Heart Chakra makes it one of the best crystals for healing emotional trauma. The energies of this crystal are incredibly comforting and soothing.

Magnesite-The energies of Magnesite help to take you into a state of tranquillity and deep relaxation. This is a high-vibrational crystal that is well-known for its harmonizing effect.

As a Crown Chakra crystal, it helps you connect with your own divine essence. It can also enhance your connection with the higher realms so that you could receive guidance and support from your Spirit Guides when you are feeling overwhelmed by past pain and haunting memories.

Traumatic experiences can result in long-term anxiety and unstable emotions. Working with a Magnesite crystal helps balance your emotions and overcome anxiety. It helps to clear out any stuck energies from your system and encourages you to adopt a positive mindset.

When we give a lot of mental and emotional energy to past traumatic experiences, we might be unintentionally strengthening our trauma. In this way, we might find ourselves in a loop, where our negative thought pattern repeats itself over and over again.

Working with a Magnesite crystal helps us break this vicious circle by directing our energy to more peaceful and uplifting thoughts.

Chrysoprase-Chrysoprase is another crystal that is beautiful to look at – its vibrant shades of blue-green can boost your mood and cheer you up! Working with this crystal can help fill you up with a surge of positive energy and enthusiasm, which in turn helps you heal from trauma.

If crystals were categorized by seasons, Chrysoprase would be a crystal of spring. Its bright green hues symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, and rejuvenation. In case you are feeling a bit stuck or trapped, working with a Chrysoprase crystal can help you break out of stagnation towards a fresh start.

If you are going through difficult times and are trying to heal from a traumatic experience, so that you could move on with your life, Chrysoprase is the perfect crystal for you. It helps you adapt to changing circumstances and find joy in the here and now.

Chrysoprase reminds us that painful experiences can often be seeds for inner growth and expansion. These seeds may lay dormant deep inside us for a while, just like the seeds of plants lay dormant under the frozen earth during the winter, but one day, they will sprout and new life will find its way.

When that day comes, you will feel it in each and every cell of your body. And even though your trauma might never be fully healed, one day you will feel the sweet juice of excitement coursing through your veins once again – you will feel vibrant and bursting with life!

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