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3 Rituals For Manifesting

To manifest is to bring an idea into fruition... into reality. Many people work with energy to create the life they would like to live. You can dive pretty deep down the rabbit hole with manifestation work, but we compiled 3 simple ways to bring your dreams into reality.

Scripting to Manifest: Writing Your Life Into Being

Using the same principle as the Law of Attraction, scripting is a simple manifestation technique only requiring a focused mind, a pen and paper. For the best results, we recommend dedicating a journal to this specific purpose. If you keep a regular journal, reflecting on your life or your dreams, you want to keep those reflections separate from your scripts.

When you sit down with your scripting journal, clear your mind of all distractions. Put on a third eye binaural beat, or an instrumental song that makes your heart sing. Envision your ultimate happiness, 5 minutes from now, hours from now, days from now...on and on, up to years from now. Then, pick up your writing utensil, and begin to write.

The most important thing about scripting is you write as if what you want is already happening. You do not say "I want to move into a three-bedroom home." You say "I live in a beautiful three-bedroom home, with tons of light for my houseplants and land for my animals."

Do not be afraid to be as specific as you wish. Do not be afraid to be honest. Do not be afraid to be BOLD.

Manifestation Elixirs: Embody Your Dreams

An elixir is classically defined as a magical or medicinal potion, and in this case, we are talking about an infused water that can either be drunk plain or made into an herbal tea. You need a few more supplies to create this manifestation elixir:

  • A drinking glass

  • A large, deep glass bowl (tupperware or ceramic can also be used)

  • A lid, saran wrap, or anything you can use to cover the bowl

  • Spring water to fill the bowl

  • Stones: see our recommendations below

  • Pencil or pen

  • Paper

First, take your pen and paper and write down an affirmative statement, just like we talked about with scripting. We will use my example above, "I live in a beautiful three-bedroom home, with tons of light for my houseplants and land for my animals." Use beautiful, neat handwriting and draw any symbols or decorations around your words that feel right to you in the moment.

Lay down your piece of paper and place your bowl on top. Then, place your glass inside the bowl and begin to fill it with crystals:

  • Pyrite

  • Citrine

  • Clear Quartz

  • Moldavite (if you have access)

  • Lapis Lazuli

Pyrite and Citrine work together to heighten manifestation power and keep your ego in check. "Ego" is not inherently bad, but these stones will make sure that your wishes are coming from a true, fair place without putting others in harm.

Moldavite, if available to you, is an extraordinary catalyst for spiritual growth and therefore a powerful ally for manifestation. It helps to connect you to your higher calling. If what you are asking for is meant for you, moldavite will bring it to you at light speed.

Lapis lazuli aids in clarity while opening the third eye. Opening the 6th chakra unlocks psychic ability, like clairvoyance. Connecting to this energy empowers, channels, and guides the manifestation process.

Clear quartz is a known amplifier for energy. Add the other stones first, and as you pick up the clear quartz, ask for it to harness and intensify the combined power of the stones as well as your intention: the sentence you wrote on the paper. Meditate on this as you place the clear quartz on top. If you are using a quartz point (tumbled is also fine), make sure the point is facing down, that way the directional energy is heading into the stones and into the container instead of out into space.

Then, carefully pour the spring water into the larger container, being careful not to fill the glass containing your crystals. Repeat the sentence you wish to manifest as you fill the container with water and place the lid overtop.

Allow this elixir to sit for at least 4 hours before drinking. For best results, do this ritual on a full moon and allow the container to sit outside overnight. However, this is not a necessary step.

You can then drink the water, or use it to make tea or any beverage of your choosing. Drink it all yourself, or if there is someone else involved in your goal, share some with them.

Manifestation Sigils: Externalizing the Inner Fire

A sigil is the symbolic representation of your desire. To create a powerful sigil, you will first need to write down a sentence, just as we discussed above. Let us use the same one:

"I live in a beautiful three-bedroom home, with tons of light for my houseplants and land for my animals."

The next step is to rewrite the sentence, using ONLY consonants, and only listing each consonant once.

Then, start to create a shape that uses each of these letters. Start with a large structure. With this example, I would start with the W, which doubles as an upside-down M, as well as a V and an N, and build off of that.

Take a look at the graphic below to help this make a little more sense. See if you can find and trace each individual letter with your finger.

As I hinted at before, you can reuse the same shapes to represent multiple letters, to simplify your design as much as possible. As you can see here, I used the same fixture to create the letters B, P, and D, for example.

Once you have created your design, copy it onto a piece of paper, making sure it's the size of your palm or smaller. I like to use tissue paper over any other type of paper as it burns well, because you cast your sigil by lighting it on fire and allowing it to be fully consumed by flame.

To charge your sigil, leave it overnight (or as long as you wish) in a windowsill or on your altar, covered or surrounded by stones like citrine or pyrite.

Then, when you feel ready to cast it, light a candle or some incense, clear your mind of everything but this single intention, and light the tip of your sigil on fire, casting it into the flame and the universe, bringing internal fire and desire into reality.

If you are sensitive to flames or nervous of burning your fingers, use a pair of common tweezers to light your sigil with the flame instead of doing it bare-handed.

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