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5 Choices for Conscious Creations

I invite you to remember five daily choices for conscious creation to set the stage for what promises to be a power house year.

ONE: You cannot live a full life from your head only.

You know you are in your head by the nature of your perceptions. It’s vital to listen to your emotions, spirit and physical body to be in the center of who you really are in living your life. Due to social conditioning and the pressure of daily living, we tend to pay attention to what’s urgent vs. what’s really important; that means it’s easy to neglect or even avoid messages that aren’t coming from your head. So commit to listening to all of you at some point every day this year.

TWO: Forgiveness is essential to good health.

Not forgiving someone is like stabbing yourself in the leg and expecting the other person to hurt – only your quality of life is compromised. Not forgiving yourself is like shooting yourself in the foot and then trying to run a marathon.

Whether it’s yourself or others you need to forgive, it’s about tapping into and expressing unconditional love. The Universe is working through you. You are bigger than any negativity that could be holding you captive. Forgive daily to move on easily.

THREE: You cannot find yourself where you are not.

Many people look for themselves where they are not – externally. They seek validation, exhibit ‘getting’ behaviors from others as an esteem booster and/or desire approval from the outside instead of knowing their truth from the inside. Commit to trusting yourself enough to go within for your answers. “To Thine Own Self Be True” ~ William Shakespeare

FOUR: Cultivate your consciousness.

Consciousness creates form. Literally, what you perceive is your reality. And we humans like to prove what we ‘know’ as right. That means that if you’re having a bad day, you are naturally going to seek evidence to prove that you’re right that you’re having a bad day. (You see the irony, right?)

By actively cultivating your conscious awareness, including being completely present in each moment of your life, you shift your perception. Shifting your inner perception creates a new reality for you to experience. Upgrade your consciousness moment by moment to up-level your reality.

FIVE: Self-mastery precedes success.

You are as successful as you allow yourself to be in any endeavor you undertake. Success is fleeting for those who do not know themselves, particularly if they are ignoring or shielding from their ‘shadow’ within.

Having a business is the fastest path to self-mastery because you see the effects of your beliefs in the results of your business. Honor your business for the valuable mirror and teacher that it is for you. Understand that each and every situation is inviting you to grow. Commit to your self-mastery as a path to accelerated success in every way.

So, to what will you devote yourself this year in thought, words and actions?

What commitments will you actually follow through on?

And what do you need to create the results you desire to experience?

Once you know, you have set the stage for a powerful new year.

Be open to the possibilities and make conscious choices as you go to attract new opportunities and relationships.

Trust in yourself and the bigger picture as it unfolds.

Be the point of light you are by effectively shepherding your business as the embodiment of your purpose through service to others.

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