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5 Dating Tips

1. Don’t list out the reasons for people to pass on you — because they will.

Profiles with terms like “pass on me if” and “don’t like me if” get fewer messages, conversations, and contact exchanges than those that don’t. It’s common sense; it’s much better to be positive in your profile, and list reasons why people should like you (ex/ if you love travel, hiking, etc).

2. Asking a question is the best icebreaker.

The majority of OkCupid users agree it trumps a simple introduction, a joke, and even mentioning something on their profile.

3. Avoid spelling mistakes.

People say they’re 75% less likely to respond to someone who has a lot of spelling mistakes in their profiles.

4. Be open with your feelings.

Users who say they are always open with their feelings have on average 8x more conversations than those who say they never are.

5. Be open to falling in love, too!

People who say they want love very much get more likes, matches, and conversations than those who say they’re not sure.

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