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5 Things That Will Block Your Intuition

If you’re not getting the answers you want from your intuition, it’s likely that something is blocking you.

Modern life was not made for us to feel in tune, and it can make us prioritize the importance of other people’s agendas over ours.

However, in order to feel fulfilled and like you’re really living your best – most magical – life, you need to be In Tune with your intuition.

If your guidance has gone (or maybe you’ve never even accessed it before), it could be due to one of these 5 things…

Let’s start with the big one I see in most people, and that I often have to work around with my Spiritual Coaching clients.

Having a busy life can sometimes seem inescapable, with kids to parent, houses to run, jobs to do, and admin to conquer. However, this busyness is what’s totally overtaking your mind. When your nervous system is always fried and you constantly feel like you’re at the edge of your capacity, that sense of being stretched is what’s pushing your intuition to the outside of your awareness.

As well as the impact that stress has on your health, it also silences your intuition.

The human conscious mind is totally running the show, because it has to in order for you to survive and get through each day. This may mean that when you’re on vacation, you can sense your true feelings so much more. This is because when there’s stillness in your mind, your intuition can start to speak.

Being more chilled will give you a stronger sense of yourself and how your intuition talks to you.

Calm down your nervous system with tools such as box breathing and avoid situations that are going to overpower your senses. By meditating every morning and having a daily spiritual practice, you will find that your intuitive antennae get so much stronger.

We also have to watch what we’re bringing into our internal world from the external world – i.e., what we’re putting into our body that’s becoming part of our system.

This includes artificial stimulants like alcohol, chemicals found in food, and drugs (both legal and illegal).

By altering your state, they also alter your state of awareness. They change your frequency and give your body other things to focus on than your intuition, because it’s trying so hard to detox these nasties out of your system.

As they’re artificial, they take you away from the true essence of you.

They may make you fuzzy minded, foggy and give you headaches. You might find it harder to sleep when these things are in your body. This means that your vibration will be lowered and so it’ll be harder for you to access intuitive information.

Avoiding these things can be hard, but when you tune in to your body to see what it doesn’t react well to, you can remove the things which aren’t a great fit for you – and feel better as a result.

Tiredness takes you away from your inner truth because your body has more to focus on than the sound of your intuition.

Finding information intuitively requires fuel, just like running your physical body does. If you’re completely drained and exhausted all the time, your mind will be crossing wires with itself – let alone being able to tune in to what it really needs to hear.

Your nervous system will be knackered, and your conscious mind will be trying to do what it can to get through each task until it’s time to go to bed. When you’re rested and restored, that’s when you’ll find that your intuition will become very strong and very powerful.

In some cases, cynicism is very useful, and it comes as part of the job in some professions that require it.

However, when people are totally cynical about everything, they are distrusting of everything, including themselves. To trust your intuition and Live In Tune, you need to put cynicism to the side and receive things as they are – rather than judging them and critiquing them as soon as they happen.

You would never see any signs that are meant for you if you explained them all away. You would never hear any sounds from spirit if you put them down to being something else. You would never spot any synchronicities if you couldn’t believe that everything was working in your favor.

In a cynical society, you need to stand out as the one who believes in magic in order to see and hear the truth. You need to know that your own sense of what’s right or wrong is the most important thing in your life for guiding you forwards to where you’re meant to be.

By being less judgmental of yourself, less judgmental of others, and less judgmental of everything that happens around you – you can start to see the good in it and the magic that’s always passing through.

Change distrust into trust because it’s by totally trusting yourself and trusting that truth is found within you that you’ll know you are in tune with your intuition.

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