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5 Tips for Manifesting a Soulmate

Here are a 5 steps to manifesting your soulmate:

1 - Raise Your Vibration

Like I mentioned, this means feeling really good! Finding yourself in that blissful state where you see the beauty in everything and feel all warm and fuzzy.If you intellectually think something but don't FEEL it, it won't have the power to manifest itself.If you're having a hard time understanding what this means, spend more time with it. Raising your vibration is the KEY to all manifesting and will be the best (and only) way to utilize the law of attraction.It can be hard to understand at first but read about it, watch some documentaries, listen to Abraham Hicks or others who are on that wave and start to wrap your head around what the Law of Attraction means to you.Soon you'll be able to FEEL and pinpoint when you're in the Vortex (living from a higher vibration). From then on you can continue to get yourself to that place over and over again. That's the place where true magic happens. And to be quite honest, entering the Vortex feels better than any earthly relationship or material object.

The task of manifesting becomes more fun than the earthly manifestations. I promise. But if you still want that soulmate to waltz on in to your life (which is understandable!) then you can move on to step 2:

2 - Write It Out

Journal about all the deeper qualities you want in your partner.

Sit in meditation, perhaps at a nice full moon or another time you feel a lot of positive energy. Light some candles, play some soothing music, do whatever makes you feel nice and relaxed. Now think about your dream lover, someone that may not even seem possible, and write about the TYPE of relationship you want with this person.If you need inspiration for this I've created a journal prompt sheet that you can save and print out or copy in your own journal. I also included some examples to help you think of answers:

3 - Immerse Yourself

Start reading some books that have characters that are in a relationship that you would want. Watch movies or TV shows that have couples who are 'relationship goals'.Spend time with couples you know and respect (even if it's family members!). As awkward as it can feel sometimes, start third wheeling! Watch how these couples interact and admire the type of love they have. Try to set jealousy aside and instead feel warm and fuzzy in their presence and know that soon you will have your own version of love. While manifesting my soulmate I found a couple on YouTube who I began to watch religiously. They seemed so happy together and on camera had a really equal, respectful, and playful relationship that I enjoyed watching.It's important to remember that we should not judge or assume that others have a perfect or imperfect relationship. This isn't about comparison, it's simply about immersing yourself and bringing the type of relationship you want into your physical awareness.Manifesting something becomes 10x easier when we have physical evidence to support it. We can truly and deeply feel something if we've seen it (whether that be a million dollar home or true love). Immersing yourself will also help you keep your desire at the forefront of your mind.As a note, I’m not saying you should spend your life obsessing... But when you feel good and an opportunity comes to hang out with your friends who are in a healthy and positive relationship or you have ten minutes to watch a YouTube video, take that opportunity!

4 - Be Open

This is an important one. A lot of people say they want to manifest their soulmate but what they actually want is attention or good sex.Your soulmate will likely not show up as a bronzed Calvin Klein model and they may not be as tall or as mysterious as you wanted.Know that when you manifest a soulmate this isn't just a sexual relationship. It's much deeper than that, and for a lot of people it will require you to set aside your fantasies for the real deal.It will likely require patience and getting to know someone for who they actually are and not who you want them to be.They might even be someone you've known for years but never seen as lover material (like in my case!). They might live far away or speak another language and it may require a lot of energy to make things work. Despite these "imperfections" or difficulties, if you are wanting a soulmate, be open.

5 - Put Yourself First

Now that you've done the work and put it out in the universe, let it go and believe it's yours! You've planted the seed and now you need to give yourself the TLC before you can harvest your crops. Stop wasting time on useless relationships or dates that aren't going anywhere. Cut yourself off from those old boyfriends who don't text back. Spend time loving yourself because soon enough your soulmate will come and you'll want to have enjoyed your last little while being single.Heal old wounds, get to know yourself, really figure out what you want out of life and be confident that you ARE deserving of love regardless of anything else your mind tries to tell you. Spend time meditating, write down some personal affirmations and start exploring interests you've put on the back burner.

When you turn your attention inward and focus on healing, it'll help you break through the first step on this list (and the most important): raising your vibration.

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