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5 Types Of Men To Avoid

There are certain men that women should be wary of dating. They may look good on the surface. Charm may gusher from them. However, if you get too close you could get hurt.

Of course, the list below is mean to be taken with some humor, every guy is different and by no means am I saying that you can’t fall in love with someone described below. But if you are wondering why you can’t land the perfect partner and your guy does fall into one of these 5 “types” it may be time to call it a day and see who else is out there.

1) The Storyteller

First, there is the “Storyteller.” This man has a reason for everything going wrong. He can weave a tale so sad; you will be in tears before he is halfway finished. Taking responsibility for his actions is not part of his M.O. Either shaken by childhood tragedy, or “baby momma drama,” he is an innocent cast into a cruel world. Now he is seeking sympathy, and incidentally a few dollars. He is the ultimate con artist. Stay away.

2) The Jock

“The jock,” is a man who has never seen a mirror he did not adore. I am not talking about pro athletes, that is a different story. I am talking about the high school quarter back who cannot stop talking about his younger glory days. These men fall into the “almost made it” pile of men. They worked hard, but for whatever reason, fell short of making the pros. Also, their emotional development stopped in high school. Some go on to have distinguished careers as “momma’s boys.” Pass.

3) The Classifier

“The classifier” is the guy who has a slot for everything. Men like this see women in absolute terms. The categories woman are placed in: Saint, Mother and Slut. Once in a category, you never leave. There are no grey areas. Women who engage in sex are sluts. The kind of woman he wants is either Saintly, or just like good old mom. If you want a man like this, make sure you get rid of all salacious selfies and mad girls out weekends posts on social media. This man places a high value on virtue, even if it is faked, a little. Appearances are what counts. Avoid!

4) Blonde and Blonde

“Blonde and Blonde” only men are not in any way ambiguous at all. There is only one type of woman that appeals to this man. They have the ideal eye color, hair color (natural of course) body type and personality all picked out ahead of time. If you do not meet their stringent standards, do not expect a wedding ring. They may go out with you, but do not expect it to last. Next!

5) Sexual Explorer Guy

If you are not into kinky sex, then you may want to avoid the “Sexual Explorer Guy.” This man is not confined to gender, sexual norms, or much else. He is out to enjoying the entire buffet of sexual options and little to nothing is off the table. He may want to go solo. If this is something you are into, this can be the ideal match. But, if you are someone who loves vanilla sex only, there is no way this relationship is ever going to work. This man wants someone as liberated as he.

There are more categories of men out there too. This list of five provide a framework for the kinds of men you may want to stay away from. There are good men out there. Just make sure you are on the same page in the same book in the same library before you turn to the next chapter.

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