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5 Ways Of Communicating With The Departed

*Speaking Out Loud

One of the simplest ways to get your deceased loved one to communicate with you is to just talk. That’s right—just start speaking.

But don’t just speak to the air. Hold an image of the person you’re trying to communicate with in your mind and direct your communication at him or her. This is best done in a quiet location, where you can clear your mind and be free from distractions.

Begin with very basic, yes-or-no questions, and request that your spiritual loved one answer in a specific way, such as knocking on a wall.

As much as possible, try to release feelings of embarrassment or strangeness. You’re speaking to your loved one just as if they were in the room. Don’t think too much about what you’re trying to say—just let your thoughts flow.

Communicating with those who have passed is as easy or as hard as you make it. Release all preconceived notions, clear your mind, and just talk as if they were right there in front of you.


Our dreams hold the power to connect us to new and strange places. Pay close attention to them, because your deceased loved one might just be trying to communicate with you while you sleep. When you sleep, your barriers are down, and so it’s easy for someone in the spiritual world to reach out to you. You can reach out to them, as well, by lucid dreaming. To lucid dream is to simply take control of your dreams through the awareness that you are dreaming. One way to do this is by allowing yourself to drift back into a dream from which you’ve just awakened. Close your eyes and focus on the dream—imagine that you are already in it, and try to hold that thought as you drift off. Another technique is to simply repeat “I will be aware that I am dreaming,” as you fall asleep. However you do it, if you can take control of your dreams, you can communicate with the deceased loved ones who appear there.


Sometimes, we must upgrade our consciousness if we are to make contact with our deceased loved ones, and one of the best ways to do this is through meditation.

Communication from the dead is not usually blatant. Rather, it is subtle and easily missed. To see it, you’ll need sharp senses and a quiet mind.

To meditate properly, find a comfortable, seated position and find a single object to focus on, like a tree or a texture beneath your fingers. Try to keep that one thing on your mind without allowing any other thoughts to intrude, and without judging yourself if your thoughts do wander. Hold this state for as long as you can.

Eventually, you’ll be able to hold your meditative state for longer and longer periods. Once you do this, begin to focus on the face of your loved one with which you wish to communicate. This helps to “tune” you in so that you’re in a better position to receive their communications.

*Use An Intercessor

If you’re just not having any success communicating with those who have passed on, you may need to look for an intercessor.

This will be someone who is experienced in speaking with spiritual matters, such as a religious authority, a medium, or simply a friend who has been able to reach on their own.

Do your research, however, particularly with mediums—not every one is legitimate, and some are just out to make a quick buck. Don’t let your desperation to hear from your deceased loved force you to make bad decisions. You can tell a bad medium by the fact that they will almost always try to lead you on with questions, subtly finding out what you want to hear, and then giving it to you.

It’s very likely that there is someone in your life or community who can help you with this. Don’t be afraid to reach out, and to describe exactly the kind of help you need—you may be surprised at where it comes from.


If you are of a faith, another great way to communicate with your deceased loved one is to pray. Just about every major religion includes beliefs concerning what happens after death, and within most of them, those who have died are still aware of what goes on in the realm of the living.

So don’t be afraid to reach out to your deity and ask that your loved one receive your message. They may not necessarily speak back—and indeed, within some faiths, it is forbidden to attempt to two-way communication with the dead—but they will surely hear you.

You can, in many cases, pray for a sign that your loved one has heard you. Keep your eyes open, though—this sign may not look quite like what you’d expect. The spiritual world is subtle, and, as we’ve said, to hear requires a quieted mind.

Reach out through the power of your religion or faith and tap into the spiritual world. Your loved one will hear what you have to say.

*Hold A Belonging

If you have a belonging that was particularly precious to your loved one, you can use that to try and establish communication.

To do this, many mediums encourage their clients to hold the item in conjunction with one of the other steps on this list—belongings can absorb and retain spiritual energy over time, and can enhance your connection with their previous owner.

This method is especially effective when combined with meditation. Let the object become the focus of your meditation, and cast aside all other thoughts. This can form a potent connection to the person you’re attempting to communicate with.

Be patient as you make attempts to reach out. Even the most perfect setup and the clearest mind may not result in contact, and sometimes, all you’ll get is the faintest sign. But take heart—even the subtlest communication can help you to move on with your life as you realize that your loved one is not only in a better place, but can watch over you.

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