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6 Dimensions of Human Mind

All human minds operate under 6 dimensions – Love, Fear, Joy, Hatred, Boredom and Sexuality. These 6 dimensions are present in all human minds, and its natural make-up also determines the “intensity” of some of these dimensions.
It’s not possible to ever “erase” one of these dimensions totally from the mind, and people who are trying to do so are usually just suppressing their mind and this form of suppression only leads to inner resistance, which manifests as suffering of some form or the other.

1.) Love
This is obviously one of the “light natures” of the mind. All minds are capable of love. The various forms in which a mind expresses love are – Care, Empathy, Service, Charity, Tenderness, Compassion, Romance (physical and emotional), Passion, Infatuation, Obsession (love-based) and Devotion.
Every mind has the capacity for all these expressions, and in a lifetime, most of us, usually express all these forms of love in some way or the other. The mind has more capacity for love when it feels secure, and it can (and usually will) render love to low priority when it has to worry about its survival.
In a state of unconsciousness, even the dimension of love, in the mind, can become a source of imbalance and disharmony.

2.) Fear
This is a “dark nature” in the mind. All minds have a tendency towards fear, some more than others (depending on the natural make-up). A fearful mind is a huge source of disturbance because it constantly creates resistance to your movement, but it’s not possible to “suppress” this dimension of the mind.
But as you become conscious, as your “awareness” becomes stable, you can stop identifying with the mind’s fears and just let them be (in one sense, you stop fearing the mind’s fears). A mind that has strong proclivity towards fear will keep producing fear-based thoughts, but when you become conscious you stop fueling this nature of the mind and it starts losing its “intensity” and power to influence your vibration in any strong way – in other words, you start moving from a place of inspiration/wisdom and are not dominated by fears.

3.) Joy
This is obviously a “light nature” in the mind. Joy is basically the natural vibration of the being (or life energy) that you essentially are, and hence whenever the mind is joyful it is most aligned with its life-stream.
This is one reason why people pursue joy for their mind, because in a joyful state there is no resistance in their body and thus it feels good.

4.) Hatred
This is a “dark nature” present in the mind. All minds have this dimension and it plays an important role in deciding your preferences – your likes and dislikes.
Hatred is a dimension ingrained in the mind and there is no getting away from it, and people who try to suppress the mind when it produces hate based thoughts usually end up creating a lot of “pent up” negative energy inside their body which becomes highly toxic and dysfunctional.
The various ways in which hatred is expressed in the mind are – resentment, criticism, jealousy, possessiveness, dislike, vanity, stress, frustration, anger, irritation, impatience, dissatisfaction, suspicion, inferiority, apathy and aggressiveness.

5.) Boredom
This is basically a “dark nature” in the mind. Boredom is a state when the mind feels a sense of disinterest with the “Now” moment.
Boredom is mostly a harmless state but prolonged boredom can lead to states of depression. This dimension in the mind motivates it to pursue creative endeavors and entertainment, which allows for new desires and thus allows for expansion in physical life. So, like all dimensions of the mind, this dimension also serves a useful purpose of providing contrast and growth when allowed fully.
When boredom arises, just allow it fully instead of trying to suppress it – get a real sense of the “feeling” of boredom, so that you are not running away from it or in fear of it. When you truly allow the energy of boredom, it usually transmutes to a sense of calm or peace, and in this place of non-resistance inspired actions can come forth that brings joy to the mind. The state of boredom also helps balance the “spiked” states of excitement or exhilaration, and is necessary to maintain a harmony in the body’s energy.

6.) Sexuality
I would categorize this dimension as a “dark nature” in the mind, mostly because of the heaviness of this energy. All minds have this dimension and when not understood/channeled properly can become a source of hang-up, depravity, guilt and frustration.
This dimension in the mind causes the movement towards reproduction and hence plays an important role in the physical realm, it’s also a source of entertainment/pleasure for the mind and can also become a vista through which you express love and joy. The energy of sexuality can be quite intense and hence its suppression creates a lot of toxicity and disharmony in the body. People who try to suppress this dimension in their mind (out of fear – guilt) usually end up developing patterns of hatred (usually in the form of anger) inside them. Different people have different drives to their sexuality, which also changes with age (can increase or decline), and one needs to be aware that they are not suppressing or over-identifying with it.

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