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6 Signs You Share A Soul Connection

What is a Deep Soul Connection?

A deep soul connection means that you and the person you share it with come from the same soul family, and you meet them in this incarnation with a very precise purpose.

This purpose is always related to spiritual growth, as people with whom you share a soul connection will always play an important role in your life.

They may teach you something important, such as love, forgiveness, and other difficult spiritual lessons, or sometimes they could simply nudge you in the right direction when you are lost.

#1. You feel instantly drawn to the person

One deep soul connection sign is that when you first meet the person, you feel instantly drawn to them, like a magnet.

Whether you are attracted to them emotionally and physically or just feel a strong urge to become their friend, a person with whom you share a deep soul connection will always have this effect on you.

#2. You have a deja-vu experience

When you meet someone that you share a soul connection with, you will experience a deja-vu, which is the unexplainable feeling that you’ve seen them before.

This may make no sense at first because you’ve just met them, but your intuition will tell you that this is not the first time you meet them.

Everything about them will seem and feel familiar, from their facial features to their gestures, behaviors, and voice.

This is because you’ve most likely met them in a previous lifetime, and even though they may have looked different back then, or even had a different gender, their essence is the same, and you're actually perceiving their energy.

#3. You feel that you know everything about them

Even though you’ve just met the person, you will feel like you’ve known them forever.

You will not be necessarily wrong, as you do come from the same soul family and probably have met in many incarnations.

You will intuitively know what they like, how they are as a person, or even sense what they are about to do or say – because you already know them very well.

#4. You have a telepathic connection

Another sign of a deep soul connection is telepathy.

When you meet someone with whom you are profoundly connected at a spiritual level, you will instinctively know and feel what they think or feel in certain situations.

This telepathy will happen even when they are not close to you.

As you go on with your daily tasks you may spontaneously think about them and just receive a telepathic vibe from them, knowing how they are and what they are doing.

You could also sense when they are about to call you, text you, or when you’re about to run into them.

This is because the energetic connection between you two is so strong that you can feel each other from miles away.

#5. The relationship is based on mutual respect

When you have a deep soul connection with a person, the relationship will instantly be based on mutual respect, because as you are part of the same soul family, it will be hard for you you to disrespect or hurt each other.

Hurting someone from your soul family feels like hurting yourself, and actually, sometimes it can end up being a lot more painful than hurting yourself.

Soul connection relationships are effortlessly based on love and respect, at the deepest level.

#6. Meeting them was fate

You know that a person is someone with whom you experience a deep soul connection if how you met seems to be “orchestrated” by fate.

Doesn’t have to be something unusual, but if you have a look at how you met you can see that the universe had to align a lot of events to make you two meet because it was really meant to happen.

Maybe some synchronicities took place, or some events came out of the blue and circumstances changed overnight.

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