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6 Types of Spirit Guides

What are the different types of spirit guides?

Some spirit guides have been with you for your entire life, even since before you were born. Others came on your team as you needed them at different times in your life, and you can use your free will to request more spirit guides still. Your particular spiritual guidance squad, the team of spirit guides assigned to you, could include any or all of the following:


Archangels are leaders in the angel world and have a powerful, very large energy signature. If you're an empath or are sensitive to energy, when you call on an archangel you might feel an energy shift in the room. Each archangel has a specialty, like Archangel Raphael'sspecialty of healing, and can work with countless humans at once.

Guardian angels

Guardian angels are yours exclusively, and we each have more than one! Guardian angels have devoted their lives to helping just you. Call on them anytime for immediate assistance. They love you unconditionally, forever. Remember that angels are nondenominational and work with people of all faiths and spiritual beliefs. Spirit animals

Spirit animals might be a pet you once had who passed away and is now part of your spiritual guidance squad. Spirit animals can also be any animal that has something to teach you, like the peacock teaching you the importance of beauty or confidently owning your gifts, or the wolf showing you the importance of getting your survival needs met. Spirit animals could show up for the first time in a dream, in your backyard, or on your co-worker's coffee mug.

Ascended masters

Ascended masters like Buddha or Mother Mary were once human, living journeys of deep spiritual growth and influence. Now they have a special place as leaders in the spirit world and as guides/teachers to humans like you. My guides have told me that all ascended masters are partners and work together in harmony, no matter what culture or religion they were part of when they were alive.

Departed loved ones

Loved ones or family members who've passed on may choose to be one of your spirit guides and actively support you from heaven by helping you in very practical ways, like sending career opportunities or nurturing relationships your way. One of your grandmothers could be an important spirit guide for you, whether you knew her well in life or not. In fact, any human who has passed on might become a spirit guide for you. If you're a dancer, you could have a spirit guide on your team who was once a dancer and performer too and now wants to help guide and inspire you as an artist.

Helper angels

Helper angels are "freelance angels," so to speak, who are just looking for humans to help with specific situations, like finding new friends or finding a new office space.

How do spirit guides communicate with us?

Spirit guides will often enter your life by sending you signs, also called synchronicities. Carl Jung defined synchronicity as "a meaningful coincidence." An example would be realizing you need to improve your romantic relationship after having a fight with your partner before bedtime, and out of the blue the next day you notice a book about communication in romantic relationships sitting on a co-worker's desk. Spirit guides could also communicate to you through numbers or number sequences like 111, or you might have a lucky number, and when you go for a job interview, your lucky number is in the company's address.

Spirit guides could talk to you by sending musical messages, like a song that always inspires you playing on the radio when you get in the car after a rough day. Spirit guides might send you a dream that gives you an idea about how to handle a situation, or a guide could even appear to you in a dream.

Spirit guides even send helpful people and opportunities your way, another form of communication that often requires you to take action (asking an interesting new person in your life out to lunch, buying a ticket to a transformational workshop) regarding the person or opportunity your guide has sent or somehow put on your radar.

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