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7 Affirmations For Grief & Sorrow

What Are Grief Affirmations?

Grief affirmations can be repeated throughout the day to help you get through your sorrow. Everyone needs a little pick me up now and then. You don’t have to memorize these nuggets of wisdom. It’s enough to have them written on sticky notes and have them posted in the areas where you’re sure to find them when you need them.

Some familiar places to tuck them away are on:

  • Your vanity mirror

  • The book on your nightstand

  • Your car’s rearview mirror

  • The door of your refrigerator

When you’re feeling down, consider repeating any or all of these affirmations to help you get through:

1. In my grief, I have changed

When you’re grieving, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that you’re no longer the same person as before. With loss comes change. When someone close to you dies, your roles at home change, as does your identity.

Some people may tell you that things will go back to normal in time, or that everything will be fine. The reality is that you’ll have a new normal waiting for you at the end of your grieving process. And although everything will turn out fine, things will no longer be the same for you. Your grief and loss will change you. You will become a different version of your old self.

2. Death does not break the bond of love

When physical life ends, it doesn’t signal the end of the love we have for the person or the love they had for us. Love doesn’t just cease to exist, and you won’t automatically forget what it felt like to receive their love.

3. I can hold on to love and let go of grief

Remind yourself that you don’t have to wallow in your grief. There is no rule to what is proper grieving etiquette. You will know when the right time for you is to let go of your suffering and let love back into your heart.

In time, you’ll realize that your feelings of love are stronger and can help you overcome the lowest points in your grief journey. This isn’t to say that things will be easy for you as you grieve. The pain of your grief is sure to ebb and flow, and you’ll still encounter difficult days. Learn to hold on to love and let go of grief.

4. Today is for healing

Every day gets you one step closer to healing. When you start your day off with this affirmation, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. You start to program your brain into thinking and believing that every day is a step toward resolving your grief.

5. My focus is on my blessings

You may not be in the mindset of counting your blessings when someone you love has died, or when you’ve suffered another significant setback. Remind yourself to focus on the blessings in your life. Take measure of all the positive things that preceded your loss.

If someone you love has died, focus your energy on remembering all the love and joy they brought into your life. If you’ve lost your job or home, think about the memories made during the times you had them.

6. Everything must come to an end

The concepts that everything must come to an end and that every living thing must one day die are not new ideas. These truths have been around since the beginning of time. Nothing lasts forever. We all know it, we understand the concept, but when it happens to someone we know and love, or we get fired from our job or lose our home, we act as if it’s shocking that it could’ve happened to us.

We allow grief and sorrow to overtake our reasoning by forgetting that we know and understand the concept of life and death. This affirmation reminds you that everything that is will one day cease. And that death is a part of life.

7. Everyone’s life has meaning

No one knows the exact reasons why we’re born into who we are, what we’re here on Earth to do, or when we’ll die. Regardless of how long or brief a person’s time here on earth is, everyone’s life has meaning.

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