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7 Clues He’s Just Not That Into You

All of us want to be loved, and seeking out people who are not right for us is, unfortunately, a part of the journey towards finding our soul mate. Learn the signs that someone really does like you as much as you like them and take heed of the warnings that someone is not right for you so you can move forward with hope instead of spinning your wheels on a relationship that may never get off the ground.

He lacks excitement when you speak to him.

When you have conversations, and he is more invested in the messages on his cell phone than in speaking with you, that is a clue he is not invested in the time he is spending with you.

A monotone voice and no inflections when you tell him about your day could be a sign that he is occupied elsewhere and interested in someone else. It could be that spending time with you is a way for him to pass the time for something else better, so he keeps it status quo. It can also be a sign of Aspergers Syndrome or an inability to truly express his feelings. Tarot readings for love can help you determine if he merely has communication issues or is not as interested in dating you as you are with him.

Doesn't remember details of your previous conversations.

If you keep having to remind him that you have a sister and that you share custody of your son with his father, then he is not paying attention to what you are telling him. When we share aspects of our life that are important to us, we are building a foundation. That foundation has to be made together, or else it won't last long. Since we are all human, it is one thing to forget details on occasion, but when someone does this repeatedly, it should be a glaring red flag.

He rarely calls or texts.

Take stock at how many times you contact him, and he doesn't answer or how long it takes him to respond to his text messages. He might be busy at his job or with life, but when it becomes a routine, and with no valid reasons, it may indicate that he is not equally invested in what you are trying to create with him. Maybe for him, it is only casual, or you are just moving too fast for him.

You may be looking for a free love psychic reading to get some answers, but understand that you do get what you pay for in return. A real psychic can help tune in to what is going on with him and why he feels distant. You may not like the insights they have to offer, but it could give you the perspective you need to hear.

He is dating other people.

It is not unusual for people to date more than one person at a time before getting into a committed relationship. Make sure you are on the same page about this when the two of you start dating. If you are seeing no one but him, and he is seeing other people, then it may cause you to obsess on him, and he will pick up on that.

Getting to know one another takes time. Relationships aren't built overnight. Dating a variety of people is healthy and helps a person understand better who is right for them and who isn't. If the guy you like keeps dating other people after a few months and doesn't seem to want to settle into a relationship with you, it may be time to invest your interest elsewhere.

Doesn't follow through with previous plans.

Has he ever made plans with you only to back out at the last minute or stand you up entirely? Are his excuses not credible? If a guy is genuinely interested in developing a long term relationship with you, he will not repeatedly cancel plans with you.

If he stands you up only to contact you with less than an apology a few days later, it is clear that he is not treating you with any respect. Getting psychic readings online can help you determine why he isn't following through and what obstacles are in his way. They may even be able to help you see the possibility of a better person of interest for you.

Only contacts you when he wants something.

Do you get that anxious call at 3 am from him wanting you to come over? Generally speaking, this is not a good sign. He may desire you, but he probably doesn't want to have much of a conversation with you. Mostly, it will be about his needs and not about yours. Chances are you may be one of many women he calls at this time of day to get his needs met. You can get a card reading for free by doing a Tarot reading yourself, but you can always call real psychics for real answers.

He never introduces you to his friends or family.

This one is a major red flag. After you have been dating a while, if he never wants to introduce you to his friends or family, then he doesn't really see what you have as a long term relationship. Even if you have had him meet your friends and family, that doesn't necessarily mean he wants a relationship. If he doesn't let you into his life, then he doesn't value having you around and is taking advantage of you for notorious reasons.

In the end, take time to discover relationships that are reciprocal. Don't waste time with someone who doesn't feel the same way. Sometimes these are lessons we need to learn, so learn them quickly rather than continually.

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