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9 Human Mistakes

As we walk our spiritual path with our human path – we tend to make small mistakes that affect our beautiful energy body and progress forward in life. See how many of them you identify with and make 2022 the year you will not settle for anything less than you deserve.

Distracting yourself from facing tough feelings and harsh truths – Now is the time to walk into your fear knowing that you are a beautiful child of the Gods and Goddess and will always be protected from harm. Process these tough feelings don’t run away from them. The more we shy away from uncomfortable truths the more we get stuck in the same cycle of patterns over and over. Realizing your mother/sister/brother is toxic to your mental health? Distance yourself from them and surround yourself with people who are 100% supportive of you and your dreams. You hate waking up and going to work as it is a toxic environment? Have fun looking for new positions open to you. Your husband doesn’t appreciate what you do for him? Become stronger, set boundaries and focus on YOU. Walk into your fear and challenge yourself.

Feeling insecure when you accomplish anything because others do better – Never set yourself up against anyone else. Accomplishment is a very personal thing. It could be as simple as not having alcohol for one day or resisting contacting an ex. It could be a promotion at work or buying your own car. Reward yourself FIRST and be your own admirer. Never compare yourself to others unless it is in a positive way, or unless it is against a mentor that you aim to be like. Never bring yourself down about anything.

Believing your self worth depends on your productivity – As you maneuver your way through your human path it is also essential that you force yourself to have some time out. Ten minutes a day putting life on hold and turning inwards, thanking the Angels for guiding you forward – is just as important as putting all that you are into your work and career.

Ignoring your own boundaries to please other people – One of the major lessons you will need to learn as an empath is to say no. We are internally wired to please people and make them happy, but when it is called upon for us to say no to a request we are also guiding and teaching the other person. Your energy body needs to be kept in absolute balance and you must not drain yourself complying to the needs of others. You come first as you are the temple where your beautiful mind exists. You count. Set your boundaries and stick by them. You will then feel liberated.

Trying to oblige to standard beauty and diet requirements – Just do you. Models and influencers use filters and photoshop to enhance their beauty. Freshness, happiness and being internally strong is far more attractive. Focus your mind on what you want and not on what you fear as thoughts are energy and create your reality. Each morning and evening look in the mirror and compliment yourself. You have no other standards to live up to besides your own.

Sacrificing your voice beliefs to pacify others – It’s important that as you grow in your human form that you use words as energy. Keeping quiet and holding back on speaking your truth comes from a childhood toxic belief pattern where you were told to be quiet or made to feel like you had to be nice to everyone. You are allowed to speak your truth – if you do not then you are not teaching the other person. Not speaking out creates unnecessary karma for the other person as you are not enlightening them to your needs or viewpoint.

Pretending that you are fine when you actually need support – Let others help you. As you move through life and become more evolved and enlightened you will find that your friendship tribe is loving and supportive. Allow the other person to work off karma by assisting you. As empaths we wish to always be of service to others, but we also need to learn to receive. Everyone needs a mental health day so build it into your monthly self care program. Ask for help when you need it.

Making yourself smaller to fit into social situations – Face your fear and just open yourself up and let your smile light up the room. Understand that everyone is feeling a bit uncomfortable in social situations – that’s why alcohol plays such a large role! The best way to handle yourself socially is just to put on a brave face and smile. Guaranteed you will make yourself seem attractive and approachable. Believe in who you are – a beautiful soul of inner Light.

Sacrificing your voice to avoid conflict – Develop good debating skills and try and avoid conversations around politics and religion. Don’t let yourself get pushed around by others. You are allowed to have your say and its an important part of your human journey to believe in the sound of your own voice. However, words are energy so never be hateful or vicious with the words that you use.

As we enter 2022, so many of us who have been on our spiritual pilgrimage will start to adapt to being a better human on this Earth. If you are presently experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul (4th Dimension) please get in contact and let me help you see the path going forward. It can be a very confusing time and your very reality can become challenged. There is no problem – big or small – that cannot be worked through. You will never be tested further than you can endure. You are now no longer a human having a spiritual experience, you are a Spirit having a human experience.

Much Love, Light

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