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A physical approach to Spirituality

In this article I will be speaking about a more physical approach to Spirituality. Yes you hear me correctly. Today’s article is about Exercise! Now many people would not realize the great importance that physical activity has on our mental states of mind, on our spirituality and ability to be more aware and in tune with everything around us. Keeping fit physically is keeping fit spirituality and mentally as well. Let me explain.

Now I swear by Physical fitness. I am not a crazy gym junky by any means, and have not always been into fitness however in recent years I have discovered the real power of exercise and staying in shape!

Three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 30 am I take a one hour Yoga class, filled with muscle toning, strengthening and meditation, On Tuesday’s and Thursdays I go to the gym for Cardio fitness or go for a walk in the beautiful outdoors or jump on My handy cross trainer at home in order to burn calories and raise that heart rate up to healthy level for no more than 30 minutes. Although it took me a while to get into this routine and a lot of self-determination and willpower, I eventually did it and have never been more physically healthy and thankful in my life.

Now for me, Physical activity is not about changing who I am, changing my body shape, or physical appearance, it is two things; it is about mental stimulation and keeping healthy. I see physical exercise as ‘spiritual warm up’ By being physically active every week I have noticed over the years how much more positive energy I generate from within myself and to all people around me, I open my spiritual awareness that much more, and really enable myself to be in tune on the deepest level, which not only helps me and my everyday life and decisions, but helps me with really delivering the absolute best to my clients on Life Reader who are so important to me.

Some Doctors and psychologists have prescribed physical activity as a medicine to those suffering depression for many years. This makes so much sense. As Physical Exercise enables you to release those chemicals called ‘endorphins’ which trigger a natural positive feeling in the body, similar to that of the effects of Morphine. Endorphins diminish the perceptions of mental pain and stress, this natural chemical also acts as a natural sedative, bringing you into a calm and positive state of mind. Interesting huh? So it really does make great sense how powerful exercise and personal fitness can be, and how it can really transform your life.

I would like to challenge you all to take part in some form of physical activity every week. Whether it is 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or 5 days. Any exercise is better than no exercise. A Yoga Class, a boxing class, a personal trainer with your own workout routine, a gym session or even a run or walk alone, with your friends or partner every week. Stick to a routine and notice after only 2­3 weeks the mental and spiritual growth that takes place within you, the feeling of being so much more aware and generating more positive energy from within and to those around you, by doing so you are attracting good things to come into your life whether that be love and relationships or finances and career you are opening those invisible doors to huge opportunity, through exercise. Now even with all those spiritual and mental benefits of exercise there is too

That personal self esteem lift of being in healthy beautiful shape I won’t deny it, just a cherry on Top! Its never too late to start again, its never too late to begin exercise, its never too late for CHANGE. Take the first step. What are you waiting for?


Bella Love

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