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Affirmations for Anxiety

These affirmations for anxiety are for you if you struggle with anxious thoughts, nagging worry, or intense moments of fear. At Vertellis, we know that constant stress and unease can zap your creative brain power and keep you stuck in life. Whether you struggle with a specific type of fear, like social anxiety, or generally battle chronic worry and tension in your everyday life, these positive quotes for anxiety offer an alternative to fearful thoughts and can help bring you a sense of peace.

These positive affirmations for anxiety are here to help you feel more calm, release tension, and practice self-compassion. We recommend choosing a few calming mantras to use everyday to keep anxiety levels in check and others to keep on hand for when you experience moments of intense fear or panic.

  1. I am safe and secure.

  2. Today, I choose peace.

  3. This feeling is temporary.

  4. I release all negativity from my body.

  5. I allow my emotions to flow through me.

  6. My breath is here to support me.

  7. I will get through this.

  8. I am worthy of a calm, peaceful life.

  9. I tend to my mental health each day.

  10. Today I will take time to relax.

  11. I am worthy of feeling good in my body.

  12. This is just a feeling. It does not control me.

  13. I have the power to create change in my life.

  14. I will be okay.

  15. I live in the present moment.

  16. Today I choose happiness.

  17. I am worthy of good things.

  18. Today I will treat myself with kindness and compassion.

  19. I can do hard things.

  20. I release the need to be perfect.

  21. I am more calm with each passing breath.

  22. I am capable of tolerating discomfort.

  23. I take the time I need to heal.

  24. I inhale calm and exhale tension.

  25. I am more than my anxiety.

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