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Angel Affirmations for YOU 6

I am always guided by Angels. I give my concerns to the Angels. The Angels heal me and help me maintain my energies clear. They work miracles for me every moment and I can see it. I am strong, vibrant and healthy. I am always surrounded by Angels. The Angels love me and

I love the Angels.

The Angels can make true miracles happen and all we need to do is to ask for that miracle we want and then hand over the matter to the Angels.

The Angels always answers to our prayers in one way or another. We only need to have faith and to believe. We can ask them for all and everything. Nothing is too big or too small.

Just remember that whenever others are involved, our wish needs to be in alignment with theit highest good which doesn't always align with ours.

You are always loved by the Angels!

Love & Light

Angel Anne Ext 16

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