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Angel Numbers and Meaning

We all have that friend into new age mysticism who talks endlessly about raising the vibration, clearing the energy and protecting themselves from negative people or places. But what is this about code activation, angel numbers, DNA upgrades, and why on earth do you keep seeing the number 333 everywhere? Take this as a good sign.

The world is undergoing a massive transformation. Depending on your belief system, you may be viewing this shift from one of many perspectives. There is an incredible amount of fear, confusion and breakdown coming to the surface, and this is showing up in countless ways. Disease in the body and of the mind, destruction of the planet, structures of control and hierarchy crumbling, and abuse of power in plain view so we have no choice but to confront it. From a yogic perspective and from what healers, teachers, masters and mystics have been sharing and embodying for centuries is the teaching that things must rise to the surface in order to be healed. What we cannot see, we cannot change. This is a healing of Universal proportion.

When confronted with fear we always have one of two options. Choose fear, or choose love. Now this teaching can become diluted when taken without awareness from a higher perspective. That is, the perspective that allows us to see things as a witness, or from a third party perspective (what spiritual teachers refer to as Wholeness). This is not spiritual bypass. This is a remembering of who you are, and why you are here. You can gain insight into action that needs to be taken from a place of Wholeness and clearly see when you are operating in a system of fear or a system of love.

What does this have to do with you seeing 1111 everytime you check the time? It means you are choosing Love. Whether it was in your thoughts, words, or actions, you are aligned with a higher vibration of energy. Universal language comes in the form of signs, symbols, colours, sounds, numbers, etc. The English language is something we as humans constructed. These number sequences symbolize a specific code, frequency, activation or lesson that you are currently focusing your awareness on. They relate to Universal themes of joy, love, abundance, awakening to your intuition, and much, much more. It is a part of you that always existed. You are simply remembering. A quick google search will show you what each of these number sequences mean, or scroll to the bottom of this article for a cheat sheet, but ultimately trust your intuition. You will know exactly what it is you are embodying in the moment you see it, or in your life in general. Remembering your Wholeness is about remembering that we are meant to live a life of ease, abundance, joy and unconditional love and connection with all beings. These numbers are indications that you had a moment of clarity. Ultimately see it as a sign that you are fully supported and on the right path.

The world around you will conspire so that your thoughts become your reality. You think of someone and they call. A stranger walks by and states the answer to a question you were thinking. Everywhere you turn you are hearing the name of your new love interest. This is because you are connected. Aware. Holding in a space of Love. This does not mean that suffering does not exist in the world. It means that you are CHOOSING to place your awareness on these concepts and taking right action according to your ultimate truth. Synchronicity happens regardless (in both fear and love) but when you are in a higher vibrational state you notice with greater clarity. From there you can detect immediately when you have chosen a path that is not serving you, and then chose again. The ability to shift never expires. All you have to do is notice, and then change. Getting to this place as a planet may take some time, but the more you as an individual break through your own fear and choose love, know that you are and forever will be supported in this choice, and these numbers are just confirmation of that.

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