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April 2021 Chinese Horoscope

From Rabbit in the Burrow to Rain Dragon

The Rabbit in the Burrow lunar month began March 13 and ends on April 12, which begins the Rain Dragon month. You’re finding your way through the exciting new times of the year of the White Metal Ox. Contemplation, followed by committed, positive action allows you to find answers to problems that seem to surround you. You’ll be amazed how speedy your progress can be, as explained in your April Chinese Horoscope:


As the Granary Rat on April 10, you’re gathering evidence and experiential wisdom to support your studies and health. You’re the Rat on the Crossbeam on April 22 with the perspective and ability to communicate powerfully. Turn your back on what doesn’t work anymore. Then you can see a loving new reality.


The New Moon on April 11 is your Ox in the Byre day. This pivotal day offers a revelation as to how you’ll best approach the Chinese Year of the Ox. You’re the Ox on the Road on April 23, feeling an extreme amount of love. Political action can offer a desired new beginning.


You’re the Tiger Leaving the Mountain on April 12. You’ve passed through especially challenging days. Integrate the resulting emotions into positive energy for the future. As the Tiger Crossing the Forest on April 24, you walk amidst the possibilities of much needed harmony. You have the wisdom through experience to bring people together.


You’re the Rabbit of Woods and Mountain on April 1, deeply in touch with the cyclical changes of life. Use your loving, serious view of Earth’s beauty and bounty to teach others. On April 13, you’re the Rabbit in the Burrow, contemplating going beyond your conservative approach to reaching your dreams to speak powerfully. You’re the Rabbit Leaving the Forest on April 25, ready to build bridges between people, both figuratively and literally.


As the Dragon of Patience on April 2, you need to finish old business during the morning to prepare for the coming weekend of positive change. As the Rain Dragon on April 14, you speak with certainty regarding inclusiveness. It’s a truly winning approach. On April 26, you’re the Dragon in the Whirlpool. Partners want freedom and change. Listen carefully to their needs and you can go forward together.


You’re the Hibernating Snake on April 3, intuiting the changes of today and the future. The wounds of the feminine, creative energy are triggered. Look within for a healing path. As the Snake in the Field on April 15, you sense a powerful, personal connection with someone wise and capable. You can build something wonderful together. As the Snake Leaving a Hole on April 27, you look toward bringing ideals into reality.


On April 4, you’re the Way Horse, focused on the health of children, defenseless animals, and the compromised life of our oceans. April 16 is your Horse in the Clouds day. You have ideas that can propel you into a beneficial place. Speak about them to someone successful whom you admire. As the Traveling Horse on April 28, the “Finger of God” (a powerful astrological aspect) guides you to teach others through your inspired, caring ideas.


On April 5, you’re part of the group who understands what actions need to be taken as the Sheep in a Flock. Your karmic ties to others make you feel connected. You’re the Serious Sheep on April 17. Family members or others at home need your sensitive warmth as they experience a new kind of love. As the Lost Sheep on April 29, a partnership holds the key to success.


As the Tree Monkey on April 6, you have the means to create change with your futuristic view. You’re quick and clever enough to propel this new world into existence through your words. You have a sense of meeting your fate on April 18 as the Mountain Monkey. The results of your past work are appearing on the horizon. On April 30, you’re the Independent Monkey. A getaway this evening will prepare you for future action.


You have a lot to say as the Cock Crowing at Noon on April 7. You understand legal, ethical, and political realities that demand adapting to a new world at work and at home. On April 19, you’re the Rooster of Solitude. Amidst important changes, stay clear and confident and you’ll be part of positive transformation.


You’re the Sleeping Dog on April 8, feeling dreamy and inspired. Get more information before you move forward on your creative efforts. Successful people – recognizing that there’s a time and a place for major changes – offer support. As the Mountain Dog on April 20, you’re ready to do the hard work that will help others. It’s a matter of your powerful love.


On April 9, you’re looking for what is beautiful and inspiring as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. Looking inward, enjoying children and the flow of the ocean brings life to your love and creativity. The afternoon/evening allows you to express the passion you feel. On April 21, you’re the Monastic Pig. Let others take the spotlight for your shared creativity. This will allow you to have a powerful, successful partnership.

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