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Are Deceased Ancestors Influencing You?

Have you ever wondered why you prefer certain types of movies? When you think about the origin of your taste in men, does it seem like there is no rhyme or reason to your preferences? Have you ever just jumped up and gone for a walk outside and wondered whatever gave you the inspiration to do so?

Look through your old family photos and ask yourself if the origin of what you choose has not been as voluntary as you might believe. Many signs might point to your relatives who have moved on into eternity being around. Spirits, especially our ancestors, can establish a deep influence on the way you think and feel.

Day in and day out we make a thousand different decisions. From simple things like where to eat lunch and what to wear to work, all the way to major undertakings like pursuing a possible life partner, barely a minute goes by in your day that you do not make a decision about what to do. Your ancestors are on a different plane of existence, but they still have a deep influence on the material plane, especially in these regularly occurring areas.

Here are four types of decisions you make every day that are most likely to be influenced on occasion by your ancestors watching over you.

When to Eat

Did you have an overweight grandmother? Was your great-grandfather’s sweet tooth so legendary that they still talk about it at Thanksgiving when they pass around the box of chocolates? When you make an impulsive decision for a rich meal, it could be your dearly departed great-aunt who really wants a whiff of that cheeseburger and fries.

When to Pause

When you have a certain intense hysteria at the height of an emotional crisis, how is it that sometimes you manage to just stop? Bless your ancestors who go to great effort to pull that rage out of you, temporarily leaving you empty of all feeling for just one second long enough to give up and walk away. Pausing for peace in the midst of frenzy is the great indicator that you are blessed by their presence.

Spotting Seduction

Have you ever had a good experience with a man, a flirtation that seemed dreamy, perhaps a first date that made you hunger for more? But then, suddenly he seemed so different on the second date? You spotted inconsistencies in his story. Maybe the thought entered your mind that he was married or was only interested in you in pursuit of a quick physical encounter. Do not doubt the feeling, as your ancestors, especially a mother or sister who has moved to the other side, are able to make your subconscious hear what they alone can see behind his public face.

Finding Your True Spiritual Path

Once your relatives have left for the next plane, all of earth’s belief systems melt into one great truth. If you are looking for guidance toward that truth, don’t be embarrassed if you are not following in the earthly traditions of your family. Your ancestors may be quite enlightened in the great beyond and able to guide you on a spiritual path that is right for you.

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