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Are You Ready For Mercury Retrograde May 29,2021 ?

Important dates

May 14 – Mercury shadow

May 29 – Mercury station retrograde

June 22 – Mercury station direct

July 07 – Mercury shadow ends

If I was a gambling person (and I am not) I would bet the house that this retrograde will be so full of miscommunication, broken technology and gossip that even the most scientific, ‘astrology is hogwash’ person will say, “OMG is Mercury retrograde?”

Why bet the house on this retrograde? The retrograde launches between the lunar eclipse on May 26 and solar eclipse on June 10th. Both eclipses involve Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. On May 22, (a few days before the retrograde launch), Mercury gets into a tangle up with Neptune and then does another round on June 5. If fuzzy thinking could be on steroids, we should consider the fuzz pumping up between May 22 and June 5. Thinking, ideas and communication will not be easy. We should prepare for things that seemed so clear one minute to just melt into fuzz in front of us. Then add the usual bumps and grinds of retrograde and you get a tougher than usual Mercury retrograde. During this three-week period, we should ask:

How is my thinking and communication accurate? What am I saying? What is behind my thinking? Am I being given accurate information? What is the other person saying? Is whatever I am being told matching the facts on the ground? This is not an excuse to get paranoid by the way and assume everyone is lying and ‘screwing you over’, ah, no. It is more about processing the data and adapting. Our ability to pivot our thinking is important. Survival of the fittest involves adaptation and the lunar eclipse on May 26 pits our big opinions against the facts. Is our strident opinion matching the facts as they are now? Then at the solar eclipse on June 10th we are reminded again that it is important to figure out what is really going on and where do we need to pivot? This eclipse season reminds us that if we are too rigid in our thinking, we risk getting stuck and we can find the world leaving us behind on some level. Use this Mercury retrograde to highlight some small adaptations that could serve you in the long haul. Also do not be afraid to ask for help in a technological hurdle that has needed your attention. This is how we adapt. We are practical about asking for help.

The last time Mercury retrograded in Gemini was 2015 and there may be a call back to that period during these three weeks. The last time we had Gemini eclipses was May/June of 2002 and 2003 which may also be called back during this period.

As always DOUBLE check any date or plans and paperwork. Some people will be traveling and will be purchasing tickets, make sure everything is accurate even if you are ‘sure’ it is, double check. Computers, technology breaks come with the territory. If you can wait until Mercury station direct to replace anything broken, great but if you can’t buy the good warranty.

Of course, more to the point this Mercury retrograde is about our thinking, if we have any rusty thoughts that aren’t serving, we’ll know soon enough. Do yourself a favor, don’t personalize anything just unplug your brain realize any mistakes and take care of it later.

Psst. One last thing, go on a gossip diet. Stay away from peeps that rely on gossip to connect, turn off social media that indulges in gossip as well. You’re welcome.

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