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Benefits Of Developing Your Intuition

I believe that intuition is something we all have, and that we can strengthen — just like a muscle. I believe your intuition is your single-greatest asset in becoming a powerful, confident Tarot reader.
Your intuition can help you discover new meaning in all 78 Tarot cards. Your intuition is the reason you can look at a Tarot card and find new meaning based on your own life and experiences. It’s how your Tarot readings elevate beyond the traditional meaning of the cards and take on meanings that are completely unique and authentic to you.
But did you know that developing your intuition can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life in other ways, aside from reading Tarot?

What Is Intuition?
There are two different ways of understanding what intuition is — and each is as valid as the other.
Firstly, your intuition is a function of your subconscious mind. Think of the many thousands — millions — of conversations, interactions, and experiences you’ve had in your lifetime. Regardless of how long you’ve been on this planet and how good your memory recall is — you’ll never be able to remember everything consciously. The majority of our experiences are stored in the subconscious mind.
As you move throughout your day, the various things you do and people you connect with stir memories deep within your subconscious. Though you may not realize it, your intuition — your subconscious — is constantly being activated. Your subconscious memories are attached to feelings, and those feelings are attached to consequences.
This is why you get that “gut feeling” when something just isn’t right, or why you suspect a person, place, or experience might just open the door to something wonderful. They all trigger memories, feelings, and consequences that you’ve already experienced, in one way or another. They bring to light the things buried deep in your unconscious mind, and give you a clue as to what you can expect when similar circumstances present themselves.
Secondly — your intuition is a powerful, divine gift. It’s representative of the energetic nature of the Universe. It’s an instrument you can tune; something you can use to explore the unknown, tap into ancient, collective wisdom, and offer insight into things that others cannot access. It’s for this reason that Tarot readers seek to develop their intuition; after all, the cards themselves are just cards. They’re made from paper and ink — there’s nothing inherently magical about them.
The real magic comes from knowing what the suits, characters, and symbols mean, based on historical learning —but also, how you apply those meanings and lessons to everyday life through your own intuitive understanding.
But let’s take a step back.

Quite aside from reading Tarot — developing your intuition can have a tremendous impact on your day-to-day life. Highly intuitive people have a knack for drawing on their own intuitive understanding to make relevant, accurate, and insightful connections between things that happen every day — things that feel like magic.
Your Intuition Helps You Live A More Authentic Life
When you’re living an intuitively-aligned life, you’re trusting your own deep, innate knowledge to inform your choices. You’re making decisions about who you are and what to do. Those decisions are based on your own intuitive and energetic responses, principles, and inner wisdom.
There will always be people who don’t agree with your choices. Trying to keep everyone happy will drive you crazy — it’s a fruitless effort. No matter what you do, there’ll always be someone who thinks you should have done it differently.
Instead of allowing other people’s opinions and beliefs to chart your course — imagine what life would look like if you made your decisions based solely on your own innate knowing. You know what’s right for you. You are the only person who knows what you need in this moment — and by understanding those feelings, you’ll always be living in alignment with your intuition and what feels right for you.
This isn’t to say you’ll never make mistakes — that’s just part of being human. But they’ll be your mistakes, and you’ll learn the lessons they can teach you. By listening to your own intuition and doing what feels right for you, you’ll always live an authentic, heart-centered life.

Your Intuition Can Help You To Navigate Or Avoid Dangerous Or Difficult Circumstances
We’ve all experienced a “gut feeling” about something, or someone.
Have you ever gone to a party and been introduced to someone you just know is bad news?
Perhaps your friend has suggested going to a restaurant that for some reason, you just know you don’t want to go to.
Maybe you’ve contemplated taking a trip somewhere — but somehow, you just know it’s not the place you’re really meant to be.
These kinds of intuitive hits are perhaps the most important. It’s not to say that if you're uncomfortable, you should never take any risks — if that were the case, we’d all be living in comfort zones, 24/7!
But rather, by learning to finely tune your intuition, you can pick up on energies and frequencies that simply aren’t in alignment with who you truly are, or what you truly want to do right now. You begin to say no to the things that simply don’t feel right — and you might feel very glad that you did.
We don’t always understand where these feelings come from in the moment. But by honing and listening to your intuition, you may just come to find yourself thinking, “I’m so glad I didn’t go,” or “Imagine if I’d been there!” when plans go awry.

Your Intuition Helps You To Fulfill Your Own Needs First
If your self-care is the ship, your intuition is the captain. No ship steers itself — and listening to your own intuition is a wonderful way to navigate your self-care practice. Intuitively understanding your own needs will help you to release the compulsion to fulfil others’ before your own.
The next time you’re asked to go to an event, listen closely to what your intuition is telling you. Do you feel a huge, full-body “Yes!” erupt inside? Or is the signal more subtle? If you pause before replying to the text, or hesitate to pick up a pen and circle “Attending” on the RSVP — allow your intuition to guide you. What’s causing you to pause? If you don’t want to say yes — what is that that you do really need right now?
It’s not to say that you should start skipping every social outing, meeting, or date that doesn’t excite you straight away. But if in tapping into your inner wisdom first, you get the feeling that you might need to say no to this one, take some time for yourself, or reschedule — that’s okay, too. Tune into your intuition and ask yourself: Why do I feel hesitation at this moment? What do I need to give myself first?
By listening to your inner guidance system, you’ll create more space in your life to take care of yourself first. Prioritizing your own needs doesn’t make you a bad friend, family member, or partner — in fact, the opposite is true. By intuitively setting boundaries and creating space for your own self-care, you’ll be able to show up for others in a much more present, healthy way.

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