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By : Zelda Kelly

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Hello and greetings to all dear souls!

This week, I would like to shed a light on a very touchy subject...that is, bouncing from one psychic to another looking for confirmation, answers, or if you just don't like the answer you got with another.

My advice to you is: Don't do it. Unless you have the most horrible experience with a reader, I suggest not calling one psychic reader after another. There are days when I'm the last in a long list of 5! That makes reading for you very difficult. Extremely difficult. Why? Because the person getting the reading wants to tell what is wrong with, what they think, what they feel and what the previous reader says all in the quest of being told what they want to hear.

Believe me, I understand that. It's frustrating and hurtful when a reading seems to be "off".

What you're really doing is "Psychic Imprinting". That means, you accept what you want and you reject what you want. All the while, this is being recorded in your subconscious and when you get a reading, your subconscious releases what you're thinking about the last reading, not what the reading should be. Sure, it's innocent enough. Think about why some predictions don't come true that are positive and the negatives keep coming about. It's because your subconscious is leading the way and the fact you don't want the negative to happen brings out the negative. When a reader "looks" at your situation, this is exactly what is being read for you and why some readings are spot on. Get it? You are harboring the original or previous reading and by telling that reading to the new reader, you "claim" that as truth...and "Psychically Imprint".

If you feel you're not getting a good reading, tell the reader. Don't be angry or mad. Discuss it. If you feel no connection, by all means, politely explain that you feel the need to move on.

In conclusion, we are here to help and to lay out your pathway ahead. We want you to have the best experience ever. By staying with 1 or maybe 2 readers, you will find your readings will be much better than reading with several others.

Love and Light --

Zelda ~

With love, Zelda

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