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Can Mediums Really Speak With The Dead?

When we lose one of our loved ones or one of the people who are close to us, all we want is to have one last moment or one last talk with them before letting them go and cross to the after life. We crave for their presence, for their smell, for their voice, for their touch and we get desperate for that one, last moment. People will tell you that the only way that you can talk to the dead is via a medium, but, can they really talk to the people who passed away?

Mediums are people who have the ability to talk and communicate with the spirits. They are the channels or the intermediary between the human world and the spirit realm. They get the messages either visually or audibly and sometimes they feel the response of the spirit to their questions. Nowadays, mediums are good to connect with the energy of the person who passed away instead of the actual spirit of the person. The ability of mediums, to contact and speak with spirits, are known to be innate and inborn, as it is not something that you can just learn with books and practiced overtime to work.

Although, the Bible condemns the people, and the practice itself, who attempts to contact and communicate with a spirit as it is forbidden.

You may be a believer or not, but here are some of the things tat you have to know about mediums and mediumship.

What is a sitter?

A sitter is the person who asks the reader to contact a certain spirit from the spiritual realm. The sitter is basically the client of the medium who wanted to speak to a dead relative, friend or loved one.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are the spirits who act as messengers for the medium to get his or her desired answer, knowledge and information from the spirit realm. They have a connection or a relationship with the medium, just like friends, and they help him or her to collect as many data and knowledge as possible.

There are different kinds of mediumship, these are:

1. Mental Mediumship

Basically, in mental mediumship the connection and communication between a medium and a spirit happens by telepathy or in the mind of the medium. They mentally hear, see and feel the presence, messages and knowledge from the spirit

2. Trance Mediumship

This is also a kind of mental mediumship as it allows the mind to take over the body to proceed with the connection and contact with the spirit from the spirit realm.

3. Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is the kind of mediumship that allows the spirits to manipulate the energies and the energy system of the mediums. This includes hearing of loud voices, banging of things, various noises, and the materialization of things and spirits. Usually, physical mediumship is done in a dark room with only few lights.

4. Direct voice

In direct voice, the spirits are believed to be speaking independently of the medium, who is there to enable and assist with the session instead of actually being the channel for it. The mediums will still have to create and stabilize the connection between our world and the spirit realm. Usually, trumpets are being used to amplify the signal. This also allows the medium to participate in the discussion or seance as the spirit doesn’t need his or her voice to speak with the person involved.

5. Channeling

This is probably the most common type of mediumship that the world know of. This is where the medium puts himself in a sleep-like trance, leaves his body so that the spirit could go inside his body and borrows it for a while. With this, the spirit could talk to anyone in the room like it is his own body. During the session, the medium is being controlled by the spirit while in a cataleptic state. But that was before, nowadays, mediums do not enter this state anymore. It is believed that the rhythm of the voice and how the medium speaks changes completely during the seance.

So yes, genuine and authentic mediums can actually speak and communicate with the spirits of the dead people and they have different ways of actually doing. Now, it is up to you if you would want to believe in them as no one forces you to. If you are uncertain, then why not go to the nearest medium in town and pay for a mediumistic reading session to find out? There is nothing wrong if you test the psychic and if you test yourself, yes? You just might be surprised on the knowledge and information that you would receive if you consult with a medium and actually have a chat with one of the people closest to you who had passed away already.

In fact, out of 7 billion people in this world, more than half of it probably does not believe in psychics, mediums and clairvoyants and discredit them for the things that they could do. And that is okay because we all have our own beliefs and faiths and it is normal to questions something that you do not normally see or hear of everyday.

There are a lot of skeptics who think that mediums and psychics are frauds because the things that they say does not have any scientific explanation or basis at all. Like, how can a medium contact a spirit? Mediums will say by focusing their energy and vibration so that the spirit could match theirs but as long as there are people who actually asks for scientific explanations, then that is going to be hard for the psychic and mediums to explain as there are no explanations about their abilities and phenomena. Everything just happens.

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