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Can You Handle the Truth ?

Here are 7 helpful tips to decipher if you’re ready for the truth in your next psychic reading:

1) Denial. As professionals we are highly tuned to energetic disturbances. We can feel your tension, your frustration, your anger and your fear. Denial is a natural response to negative emotions, and we can feel that too. Before connecting with an Advisor ask yourself: Can I accept messages that may contradict my desired outcome for this situation?

2) Shock. If you’re on the heels of extremely upsetting news; give yourself some time to get over the shock. According to leading trauma experts, shock can take a few days or weeks to wear off. Give your body, mind and emotions some rest. Do not seek advice while still in shock.

3) What I Want to Hear. Resist the temptation to jump from Advisor to Advisor. Ask yourself: Am I just looking for someone to tell me what I want to hear? Unexpected change often creates miraculous inner transformation, but you must be open and ready for this change.

4) Take a Break. Let’s face it, when trauma hits, we don’t need any more upsetting news. Getting a myriad of readings in a short time frame will not help your fragile state. Honor your vulnerability and ask yourself: Am I ready to expose myself to more disappointment? It’s okay to protect yourself. Give yourself a little downtime between readings. At the very least, a good night’s rest.

5) Variety is the Key. Resist the temptation to ask the same question from multiple Advisors. Energies can morph and change rapidly in any give situation, it’s true. When it comes to life challenges; it’s most often resistance to change that's the issue. If you feel the need to connect with a broad range of Advisors, ask different questions for a wider perspective on the issue.

6) Inner Peace. In crisis, it’s perfectly natural to think it’s happening “to us” rather than “for us”. Step back and ask yourself: Once I’m over this shock, will I feel differently about my situation? Advisors can help you cultivate inner peace before moving forward with life altering decisions.

7) Free Will. Realize all living entities on the planet exercise free will. It’s our gift from Divine Source. While you may desire certain outcomes; your Point of Interest or other people may not. Each of us carry our own belief systems. The more difficult the situation, the longer the situation has been in turmoil, the more complex recovery will be. In our world of quick fixes, this is not a pleasant truth to face.

It’s human nature to avoid pain and discomfort. It’s perfectly okay to say: “I’m not ready to face the truth right now.” Psychics Secrets Advisors will gently walk you through whatever you’re facing. They can access deep forces of intuitive guidance to help you navigate tough times.

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