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Can Your Twin Flame Cheat ?

Your Twin Flame is basically your spiritual twin – you may think that would lead to a harmonious relationship, but you would be wrong! Twin Flame relationships force the pair to question their life journey, to re-evaluate their goals and to accept no compromise. That said, Twin Flame relationships can offer the absolute pinnacle of love.

But Can They Cheat? For some, there are varying definitions of cheating. If sex is not involved, but maybe kissing – or even flirting – does it count? This is something that only an individual person could clarify, my own sentiments here do not count for anything, I guess. It’s worth considering the type of relationship currently – are you in a relationship with your twin flame? Are you on a break? These factors will all count as far as determining if any cheating has occurred – and of course, you both have to be on the same page here. As always with relationships, communications are key.

A twin flame is your missing piece of the jigsaw, it’s what will make you complete. Although this is normally an unbreakable bond, sometimes relationships with your twin flame may break down, although this is very rare. It is worth noting that twin flames do not always come together for many lifetimes, but only when the souls are ready to be rejoined. If the two souls are not yet ready for this reunion, then there is the possibility of an affair. As mentioned, twin flames are very similar to each other, essentially one soul that has split into two. If there is a romantic link already established but has happened too soon, then there could be some friction as the energies are pushing and pulling in different directions. If you think you have found your twin flame, but the relationship is not going as you thought it might, maybe a psychic reading would help? I can tell you if you are matched to your twin flame and guide you to real balance in your relationship.

I’m fairly certain you are aware of the phrase ‘soulmate’ and what this may mean in terms of a romantic partner, but you may not be aware of the soul connection known as a Twin Flame. Let me explain…

Let’s start with Soulmates

A soulmate does not have to be linked to you romantically. Indeed, you may have many soulmates throughout your life, some of whom will be friends or family members. They help present new paths to us, support us and help us achieve our goals.

Romantic Soulmates

AKA ‘The One’… a romantic soulmate is considered the most compatible partner, someone with whom you are completely at ease with. They offer a form of balance in a relationship, with your strengths mirroring their weaknesses and vice-versa.

They support and love you on your journey and you love and support them back in equal measure. Although a romantic soulmate is very similar in terms of tastes, ambitions and general outlook, there are small differences between the two of you.

However, these differences are overcome with compromise – Life with a romantic soulmate allows goals to be reached easily and is generally a relationship without difficulties.

So What is a Twin Flame?

This type of soul connection is very different from a romantic soulmate. There is no compromise, an intense, dramatic and energetic connection.

The reason for this is that Twin Flames are basically the same soul but seperated into two bodies. Not everyone will have a Twin Flame, they are very rare and not all Twin Flames are ever connected. Meeting your Twin Flame often leads to you questioning your current life, ambitions and path – a form of awakening.

Twin Flames will have an instant connection on all levels: attraction, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

There is a feeling of wanting the same things in life, of feeling whole together and when together, feeling as if they are within their own world, in perfect harmony and with absolute and unconditional love.

Soulmates will be very similar to each other in terms of what they want from life, but Twin Flames will be identical. A Twin Flame will help you to be independent rather than compromise. This means a Twin Flame relationship can be both highly rewarding as well as complex and challenging.

In short, your romantic soulmate will allow you to travel on a gentle life path. Your Twin Flame’s preferred mode of transport is a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs and totally exhilarating and fast paced!

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