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Change Your Life With Morning Affirmations

No matter what your previous day was like, every day brings a new opportunity to start fresh. One of the best ways you can make every day the best it can be is to practice morning affirmations.

Repeating affirmations daily is a powerful way to change your life over time. Here, we’ll dive into why morning affirmations, in particular, are a game-changer and give you a list of morning affirmations to choose from to get started.

Why morning affirmations are a game-changer

You’ve no doubt heard of affirmations – positive statements we repeat to ourselves in order to bring about positive change. Affirmations can serve as inspiration for change, help you challenge negative beliefs you have about yourself, and even help you find inner strength.

The average person has over 6,000 thoughts per day. Depending on how you’re wired, many of these thoughts are negative. And any type of negativity or lack of self-confidence can seriously impact your life, which is where positive affirmations come into play. They serve to combat any self-doubt or negative thoughts you might have about yourself.

Affirmations work especially well when repeated. When we repeat affirmations, it’s more likely that our words will sink deep into our unconscious, where cognitive neuroscientists estimate that 95% of our brain activity actually takes place.

Affirmations are game-changers because they help program your mind into believing whatever it is you tell it. Let’s say you are not confident in your ability to make decisions. If you repeat to yourself “I am strong and capable of making decisions,” pretty soon your brain will think that you are strong and capable of making decisions. And soon after that, you’ll act accordingly and start making those decisions. Magic!

When to do your morning affirmations

When you do your morning affirmations are up to you. It’s better to say your “morning affirmations” right before bed than not at all if that’s the only time you can remember to say them. But try to fit some time into your daily routine and recite them before you get lost in the day. Some great places to fit morning affirmations into your routine include:

1. Right after you wake up

You can even do them while you’re still lying in bed! Consider writing your morning affirmations down in a journal on your nightstand, and reach for that before you reach for your phone every morning.

2. When you’re enjoying your morning coffee or tea

You can repeat your morning affirmations aloud as you prepare your coffee, tea, or breakfast. Or, you could sit down and read through them as you enjoy whatever you prepared.

Morning affirmations for stress

Whether you’re stressed about your finances, your job, or just life in general, morning affirmations can help here, too. Try out one of these affirmations to calm yourself if you’re feeling particularly stressed out:

1. I feel centered and at peace.

2. I am relaxed and free of stress.

3. I choose how to respond to situations, and I choose to respond from a place of peace.

4. I have overcome stressful situations in the past and will overcome them again.

Morning affirmations for abundance

When we live in a state of lack, we tend to stay stuck there. Try out these morning affirmations for abundance to get yourself out of a scarcity mindset and into one of abundance:

1. Abundance is all around me.

2. I am worthy to receive.

3. I deserve abundance and prosperity in all its forms.

4. My life is overflowing with opportunities.

5. I am a magnet that attracts endless abundance.

6. I am on my way to financial freedom.

7. I see abundance everywhere I look.

Morning affirmations for gratitude

By focusing on the blessings that you already have, you can open doors to even more abundance. Go ahead and be grateful for and enjoy the life that you have right now, and use these morning affirmations to help you do so:

1. I am grateful to be alive.

2. I am grateful for all of the blessings that I have.

3. I am fortunate to have so many people in my life who love me.

4. I am thankful for the food and clean water I have access to today and every day.

5. I am grateful for all of the wonderful things that have happened in my life, and look forward to many more.

6. Every day there are more and more things to be grateful for.

7. Today is a new chance for more opportunities, more abundance, and more things to be grateful for.

8. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today.

9. I am grateful for what I have and for what is to come.

10. I am grateful for my beautiful, wonderful, rich life.

Love & Light,

Bella Love

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