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Coffee Readings: Symbols & Meanings

Today, among all tasseography styles, Turkish coffee readings stand out because they paint the panorama of the coffee drinker’s life in greatest detail, thanks to many known and personal-to-the-reader Turkish coffee reading symbols.

Reading Coffee Grounds

In a coffee cup reading, the psychic advisor interprets the residual coffee grounds in the cup and on the saucer. This is possible because Turkish coffee leaves a thick, muddy remainder at the bottom of the cup.

After the client is finished drinking, the reader swirls the cup, makes a prayer, and turns it upside down on the saucer. There’s a waiting period, during which portions of the remaining grounds fall down on the saucer. They leave patterns on the surface of the cup, and create new patterns on the saucer.

The images and shapes created in the coffee grounds provide information about the client. Loved ones’ and related person’s initial letters, scenes of importance, effects of the past, the path to the future, the energy of people involved, are all there for the discerning psychic reader to see.

Coffee Cup Reading Symbols

Coffee reading symbols are wide and varied. But before we provide you with a predefined tasseography symbols list, note that every reading is different, and every reader has a unique approach. There are also other things to consider, such as:

Context - one reader may interpret the symbol of a tower as riches, and yet another may see it a symbol of loneliness. Sometimes symbols get their meanings through the larger context of what the specific reading is showing. What’s next to the tower? Who’s in it, or outside of it? How does it all connect to the larder story shown on the cup and the saucer?

Placement – Another very important thing to consider is where the shapes and symbols appear on the cup and the saucer. The peripheries of the saucer, for example, represent events that are less important. The center of the cup is the most important, followed by the peripheries of the cup, followed by the center of the saucer, and lastly, the peripheries of the saucer.

Thickness – it’s also important how much coffee is accumulated in different places on the cup and the saucer. How much of coffee grounds went into shaping the symbol of a dog, for example, can determine whether the dog is merely symbolic, or if the dog stands for an actual dog in the coffee drinker’s life.

Size – how big is the symbol? Does it take up half the space on the cup or the saucer? Or is tiny, tucked in the corner? This determines the importance of the symbol in the reading.


To give you an overview of coffee reading symbols’ meanings, here’s a short list.

House – can mean an actual house, or the client’s inner soul space. It may mean moving to a new apartment or a house, or an important change in one’s soul.

Bridge – can mean arriving at a whole new place, or a connection between events, people or groups. It can also mean, events finally making sense.

Mountains – effort, obstacles on the path, a difficult goal, or can also depict where one physically lives.

People – actual people in the client’s life. The reader can describe the person seen in the coffee cup or saucer as tall, short, thin, overweight, type of hair, glasses etc., to help the client understand who the person involved is.

Animals – animals stand for human qualities that the client needs, or has too much of. They may also symbolize other people in the client’s life.

Plane, ship, car, or other vehicles – journey, movement, vacation, immigration, a guest from a faraway place, or an inner life-changing transformation.

A bird – news. The size of the bird determines the importance of the incoming news. If the bird is located at the center of the coffee cup or the saucer, it symbolizes life-changing news. If it’s at the periphery, then it’s small news.

Pen or a pencil – a new chapter in life being written, the chance to write one’s fate a new. It can also symbolize a profession that has to do with the art of writing.

Eye – because coffee readings are of Middle Eastern origin, an eye in these readings symbolizes the “evil eye,” bad energies or spells, black magic, or bad people who wouldn’t shy away from hurting the client.

What Does It Mean When You See A Heart In Your Coffee Cup?

If a heart appears during your coffee cup reading, the message is pretty loud and clear for those searching for a long lasting relationship- a new love potential is around the corner! A heart in coffee cup meaning is pretty straightforward, however if you are already in a relationship, this may mean some trouble or a rocky relationship. There may be some changes to the dynamics that you’ll need to be prepared for.

What Does A Dog Mean In A Coffee Cup?

Dogs are a man’s best friend and when a shape of a dog shows up during a coffee reading, this means that you have a strong bond and friendship. If you don’t it also means a strong friendship will form soon. Also, it portrays a quaint picture in your life; you’re surrounded by reliable, loyal, and trustworthy people who only have your best interests at heart.

What Is The Standard Coffee Cup Size?

A standard coffee cup size for Turkish coffee readings is not your usual coffee mug. It’s smaller with a smaller rounded base at the bottom. This is crucial for a coffee cup reading since the ground coffee can form better symbols during a coffee cup reading.

Online Coffee Readings

As the psychic services industry moved online, so did coffee readers. Today, you don’t have to travel to the Middle East to get your reading. Getting a coffee reading online is only a few clicks away now.

Online coffee readers can use a cup, saucer, and coffee on your behalf to create the reading ritual on their own, or you can also email them an image of your cup, if you so wish. We find that the former is easier, and just as effective.

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