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Communicating With Your Twin-Flame During Separation

So first off, let me clearly state that Twin-flames are real! The love between twin-flames can make you feel so vulnerable and safe that it takes your breath away, but it can also be so gut-wrenching and painful that you just go back and forth with each other to the point that it becomes unbearable. Twin-flame relationships can be amazing, but they can also be toxic.

During my readings, I am often asked by my clients who are in separation with a love interest , “Is he/she my Twin-flame?” or I am told without a doubt “I know he/she is my Twin-flame!” but the communication is poor and difficult or even non-existent between them.

There is a constant flow of energy that occurs between twin-flames and when you are in separation with each other, it is because your vibrational energy does not match. One of you has a higher vibration than the other so you are not aligned and if affects your relationship dynamic. If it is a true twin-flame relationship, then often the one with the lower vibrational energy will “run” because they are dismantled by the intensity of the feelings they have towards another person. And often the other person left behind in the relationship becomes the “chaser”.

It is important at this point that the “runner” twin-flame is given time and space on their own to deal with the issues or patterns of behavior that is holding them back. Once that twin-flame has gone through their own growth and learns to accept this connection, then that is when a harmonious energetic union occurs at a soul level.

A chaser will go through a roller-coaster of emotional pain when they think about their twin-flame that will present as sadness, hurt, anger, depression, defeat and hopelessness. So, in saying this, there is also work for the “chaser” to focus on learning to completely let go and starting to heal.

The chaser and the runner are going through some intense soul lessons and the progress that you both make is energetically impacting you both to help you heal each other as well. Healing can be a short process for some and happen in days or weeks and for others it may take months or years.

When you are in separation with your twin-flame it can feel like they are constantly on your mind. Almost like an obsession. Twin-flames are always divinely connected!


The feelings between twin-flames can be very strong as you share the same energy that is attached at a soul level, but at a physical level you are connected through your chakras. Some people describe sensations like a warmth or tingling feeling in their body when they “feel” their twin-flame especially around the heart chakra.

You might even feel their presence around you or you may hear their voice in your head, you might suddenly feel a rush of emotions that you know are not directly connected to your own current emotional state as you take on the feelings of your twin-flame, or you might have a sense of just knowing how and what they are thinking/feeling/doing.

You might feel you are so different that it results in many arguments, but then you are also the same that their presence has a calming effect on you. It will feel like the most fiery and intense love. Hence why the word “flame” is used.

A twin-flame will push you to face your deepest insecurities and emotions to the point it scares you completely, yet you are comfortable with them. They will teach you to see things from a different perspective or show you how to go about things differently and because you are so connected with each other that following their advice and doing something outside your comfort zone with them feels safe. You will lift each other up to become the best versions of yourself that you can be and together you are a force to be reckoned with.


Whether you know your twin-flame, or you are still destined to meet your twin-flame you can still communicate with them and feel their energy. In fact, you are communicating with your twin-flame all the time whether you realize it or not. You have been communicating with your twin-flame at a soul level for many past lives you have had together before this current life you are living. You already know each other. Your souls recognize one another as you are a mirror image of each other.

  • The first step is learning to love yourself. Let go of your ego and connect with your higher self. This can be achieved through meditation and expressing gratitude daily.

  • When meditating communicate mentally with your twin-flame. Tell them how much you miss them and love them. Talk about the fun times you had also what you would like to do with them in the future.

  • Send a telepathic message to your twin-flame by setting a positive intention, visualize it and associate positive emotions with it. For example, imagine yourself sending your twin-flame a text, phone call or email. Feel how happy you are to send this message to them and then visualize how they feel and react when they receive it from you.

  • Visualize the scenarios you would like to be in with your twin-flame and imagine what you would say to each other and how that would feel. Be in the moment within your imagination as you are manifesting them back into your life.

  • Trust your gut and follow it.

You are communicating on the energetic plane with your twin-flame so they will feel this and without realizing it, they will start dreaming about you and thinking about you more often. You will need to trust in the process that the universe will send them your messages, and this will bring you closer to union with your twin-flame.


The love between twin-flames is the deepest love you could ever define purely because it is the love from one single soul. Their presence gives you strength and their love will transform you from the inside out.

When twin-flames finally surrender and decide they want to be together, it feels like you can breathe again.

If you would like to understand more about how your twin-flame is feeling about you and what the future could look like for both of you, then allow me to guide you and provide you with truthful insights and answers.

Love and Light,


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