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Connect With Your Angel Guides

1. Ask your Angels for help!

Whether you realize it or not, you have angels who are always close by ready, and waiting to offer you their assistance. Angels strictly honor your free will though , and will rarely interfere in your life without your permission!

Want help? Want to connect with your angels? The first place to start is to simply ask your angels for their help! There is no specific formula you must follow to connect with angels other than your intention and desire. The more you think, call upon, and learn about angels the more they will begin to make themselves known to you as you open up to their guidance and assistance.

2. Know that you are worthy of angelic assistance!

Regardless of where you are and what you have or haven't done, your Angels love you unconditionally, regardless of your personal history or beliefs.

Angels are Spiritual Beings who exist beyond the present time space realty. They are able to be with, and help everyone who calls on them at once so don't hesitate to ask for their help, because in each and every moment they are here and ready to help you!

Angels are beings of unconditional love who are always near and ready to assist you with anything.

3. Go within and connect.

Right now, close your eyes, and take a deep relaxing breath. Focusing inward call upon your guardian angels, archangels, and the best possible angels to help you right now. Outline the situation you would like to be helped with, and then be open to how the angelic assistance appears in your life. Angelic assistance is always available, effective, and rarely in the form you expect.

It is from within silence that you are able to clearly hear. Quiet your mind, focus inward and simply be. As thoughts come up, release them to your angels, and return to the still and silent place. It is from within this silence, that you are able to open and clearly hear, see, feel, think, know the presence and guidance of your spirit guides and angels.

4. Release Worry and Doubt Over to Your Angels

Hand everything over to your Angels, including any and all worries, fears, or problems. Ask your Angels to release worries into the light and replace them with unconditional love, light and compassion. Release your dreams and intentions over to your angels too and then trust and allow your manifestation to unfold with the help of your angels.

5. Return to Love

Angels are incredible beings of light and love, so when you consciously tune into the energy of love it makes it so much easier for you to then connect with angels.

Focus your awareness on the area of your heart chakra in the center of your chest, imagining that your heart is filling up with love, and that love is expanding out all around you. This infuses your aura and vibration with love in this moment… Then continue to return to love to maintain this uplifted state where you're in resonance with the vibration of your angels.

6. Express gratitude and appreciation.

The more you are able to tune into a sense of gratitude and express your thanks for things exactly the way they are, the more you will naturally attract reasons to express gratitude and appreciation.

See the present moment, as it is, a beautiful and divine creation. Need help with this? Ask your angels to help you find the love that is present in this situation for you.

7. Listen and pay attention.

When you ask for angelic guidance… Take the time to consciously quiet your thoughts and pay attention. Angels always respond, every time you call upon them, but their guidance is sometimes subtle so you have to listen, allow and pay attention to the guidance that appears when you do ask.

Trust in your ability to receive angelic guidance and connect with angels. Know that when you ask your angels will help you to make the connection… And when you do receive angelic guidance be sure you listen, act, and take action upon the guidance you receive.

If you've asked for help in a specific area of your life, be open to how their help manifests, and allow it into your life. When you do receive that intuitive idea, hunch, or opportunity that feels good, take action and know your angels will be with you every step of the way!

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