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Crystals For Love and Money

A Special Investigation

In our special investigation blog, we tell you the crystals that are universally said to have magical properties to attract love and money. They are used in modern crystal healing and in Feng Shui to change and attract certain energies.

They are even said to be powerful according to Indian Vedic and other ancient traditions. We, therefore, bring you tried and tested Crystals, so you can use their special powers to attract love and money in your life!

Reminder To Recharge!

Whichever crystals you select, remember to regularly cleanse them overnight in saltwater (unless otherwise stated- all listed here are water safe). In the morning, rinse with fresh water and pat dry.

Crystals For Love

Rose Quartz

This is the most well known of the Love crystals. It resonates with the Heart Chakra. This is a gentle healing crystal that can remove blockages concerning past pains and loss of love. You can use this gorgeous pink crystal to attract in love.

Ladies, pop a small polished Rose Quartz crystal in your bra! Then place a larger raw or polished piece on the right-hand side of your home, furthest away from your front door. And perhaps for an extra boost, a piece on your bedside table.


The Moonstone has long been used for the reconciliation of lost love. You can also use it to bring bountiful luck in love. People often gave this lovely crystal as a traditional wedding gift. You can also pop Moonstone under your pillow, for calming and more peaceful sleep.

Lapis Lazuli

Do you want loyalty, trust and forever friendship? Then look no further than Lapis Lazuli. This is the protector of relationships. It is a stone of unconditional love and forgiveness. Keep a piece of this lovely stone close to you. Pop it in your pocket or take a little lapis friend to bed with you!

You can also wear any of the above as pendants or set them in a ring. The index finger is linked to the heart chakra.

Crystals To Bring In Money


Now, this crystal is directly associated with financial success and inviting in abundance. You can place a piece of citrine in the left corner of your home, furthest away from the front door. Alternatively, place it in the left corner of your office. If you are looking for a stone of manifestation, then this one is probably it!

You can also wear citrine as a pendant or on set in a ring. Any why not pop a small citrine crystal in your purse or wallet too? One word of caution though, make sure you have a REAL citrine crystal! Many citrines on the market are not the real thing! They are actually just fire-coloured amethysts!

Green Jade

A crystal that is hugely well known, especially bringing in good fortune in China. If even subconsciously you do not feel that you merit wealth, this crystal will help dispel those unworthy feelings. Thus, it will help you to attract good fortune. Some cultures particularly favour a lucky jade miniature elephant, with its trunk in the air, to bring in abundance. We think any polished or raw jade piece will do!


Use this to remove any negative energy blockages. You can use it as the crystal “par excellence” to help you on your path to success and abundance. If you need to keep up hope, are starting a new venture, or calculating financial risk, Amazonite is amazing!

Enjoy your Crystals and let us know if they work for you!

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