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Dating Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be effective tools to strengthen your romantic relationship at every stage. Affirmations can help shift a problematic relationship into a stable, joyful one with their positive influence. Any specific positive statement affirmed silently or aloud can work for this purpose. Coming up with positive affirmations requires only your enthusiasm and intention to positively affirm your relationship.

Recite these affirmations daily

for the singles in our world

I can and will be myself wherever

I am I will have fun on this date

I dress comfortably and attractively

I am comfortable with my personality

I am secure. I am intelligent. I am attractive.

I’m really cool!

I express myself genuinely

I respect myself and I respect my date

I am clear on how much I want to disclose on my date

I am clear on how I will decide about another date

I am true to myself

I share who I am I am in the moment

I am open minded and realistic

I relax and listen to what my date is saying

I will let my mind relax and stay in the moment

I give my date the opportunity to relax too

I let go of worrying what my date thinks of me

And just be me

I smile easily

I easily share stories

I easily share my opinions

I easily show what my values are

I am confident

I am clear on who I am

I am clear on what my expectations are

I am clear on how to communicate my needs

I deserve love

I am happy and secure in myself

I am sexy and fun

I am me

I am the one

Affirmations by: Psychics Secrets

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