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Do I Use The Laws Of Attraction?

Very good question! Whether we think we are or we think we're not, we us the Laws Of Attraction everyday of our lives. From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep and all points in-between, we set our intentions, our vibrations and our frequency to what we expect to get in life.

Expect, Zelda? That's correct. If we expect a circumstance, relationship or situation will work out in a particular way, most likely it will. The old saying, "Watch what you wish for--you just may get it" applies to all of us. All walks of life and in everywhere we go.

If you think of it, we tend to believe that we actually know an outcome before we know the details of a situation. Because it doesn't happen in the way we want or, because it seems like it's taking too long to manifest we become impatient and start dictating our thoughts accordingly. Certainly, we tend to believe the worst when we do this. That's why many times in our lives we go down the negative path and watch for the negative turns to take only in the end to say, "See, I told you it wouldn't work out."

So the next time you think that you can think yourself through something but think it's going to be negative...think again. You bring about what you think about.

Be well, be blessed and be brave-heart!

Zelda xx

Ext 11

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