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Do you have more than one soulmate?

Did you know that there are actually people out there who would have you believe that some of Some readers may think that having a soulmate is just having a quick connection with another so that they can help you with an obstacle in your life and then move on. Others like myself, believe that a soulmate is your true significant other. The one that you can share your time with and express your personality with 100 percent and you still love each other even during your time apart, long or short. Your soulmate is the person who can discover the little details about you and appreciate them enough to want to help you grow and flourish into your full potential. Even after time apart, your soulmate will always come back when you need help growing.

There is a difference between soul connections and soulmates. I believe that there is only one soulmate designed for people who are meant to have one. Your soulmate is the one person who will always be on your level and understand concepts the way you do. Even if there are some little differences, you will still understand the flaws and move past them to help each other.

Soul connections, however, are those who come into your life to help you for an obstacle or two, and then they move on and leave out of your life. They too will help you grow and develop into a stronger person but they will not stay to see you as the finished product. They are good friends in life while they see your good but run away when they see your flaws.

Your soulmate is not the person from a failed relationship that helped you learn one or two life lessons. Just because you connect with each other on a topic or two, and are able to share your ideas, does not mean you have found your soul mate. Your soulmate is compatible with you as a whole, and stays to support you throughout your life.

A great example of lifetime soul mates are my grandparents. Of course, this sounds cheesy, but they have loved each other since they were 12. They were not forced to get married because they had unexpected children, or because of their parents. They actually enjoyed spending time with each other. Everyday since, they come home to each other and have nothing but love in their eyes. Yes, they fight like everyone else, but they have always come back to each other with just as much love for one another. They are now the age of 86, and still help each other, even after a whole lifetime of mistakes and flaws, the love is still there.

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to find their one soul mate at the age of 12. Sometimes that person comes much later in life. But your soul connections are the people who prepare you for your one soul mate. Sometimes your soul connections help you develop but leave scars behind, but your soul mate will always pick you up and at the end of the day, look at you with nothing but love.

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