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Doing Vs. Being

A “Doing” person is active all the time even on a day off. Our culture today has brainwashed us into thinking we always need to be busy and meeting goals. A “Being” person wants quality of life and a balance between work and life.

Doing involves thinking about the past, present and future. Being involves the experience of the present. Just like an iceberg, doing is like the visible surface we see such as our behavior. The unseen part of the iceberg is like our being, which is underneath the doing. Things like our qualities and thoughts, values, and beliefs.

Like Yin and Yang, Doing and Being needs to be balanced. If you take care of the Being, then the Doing will fall into place. After all we are human beings not human doings. Start by having a to do list along with a to be list first. So, everything you do is based on who you really are and what your values are.

For example, if you are a manager with lots of things to do, first, think what sort of manager you want to be. When making a to-do list, ask yourself why you made this list and what will it accomplish. You cannot just sit back and be, Doing has its place. To be inspired to do the things you would like to accomplish you need to attract success rather than chasing after it. Our life is filled everyday with doing things at work or home. Doing mode can exhaust us and deplete out energy.

We spend most of our day thinking, planning and striving then we worry and dwell on things stressing us out. It’s like leaving the lights on when you are not home. It’s a waste of energy leaving us feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We need to take time out for our emotions and even physical pain. Doing mode is about thinking and Being mode is about feeling. There needs to be a balance with noise and silence and thinking and not thinking.

Doing things doesn’t make us happy. If I do this, this, and this, then I will be happy. Happiness comes from within, not by doing things, but instead start your day off by being who you are and take this with you during your day. Instead of seeking happiness, bring happiness to your daily activities. How to find a balance between doing and being, is remembering you valuable who you are, not what you achieve. We all need to work and be productive and be responsible adults.

We also need to be able to stop and play. Doing gives people a feeling of control and safety. Being requires you to relax and sometimes just accept things the way they are not to worry about how things could have been. This allows you to gain control of yourself by not trying to control all situations. Stress and anxiety can be addictive with adrenaline kicks. Some people need drama in their life and get addicted to this, rather than enjoying life. Pay more attention to your emotions rather than running away from them. Laziness and being are not the same.

Our society only rewards doing. Being means taking time for yourself and relaxing and feeling good in your own skin and knowing your own worth, not what someone else tells you. Your value does not rely solely on your accomplishments. Doing is important by providing value and developing your talents and being creative. Doingdoes not mean busy, it means working hard and smart and knowing when to rest. Laziness means you don’t do things at all. Try to find work that you enjoy and people you like being with and value you. Learned things can be unlearned and we can teach ourselves to be balanced and work smart and be relaxed.

Love and Light

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