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Dream Meanings of Wedding and Proposal

Are Those Wedding Bells?

A wedding symbolizes an intense life change. Dreaming of a wedding or proposal can be disorienting upon waking, as both are usually tied to very strong emotions. What does it mean to dream about a wedding? What does it mean to dream of a proposal? Maybe you are in the midst of planning your dream wedding or just got proposed to. Aside from the literal meanings, these dreams may actually have multiple interpretations.

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Current Relationship Status

Your current relationship status is the first indicator of what a dream about weddings may be about.

You’re Single

If you are single, dreaming of a wedding may mean that you are ready for a partner. If a partner is not clear or visible in a dream, your dream may symbolize the fact that you have made a commitment to yourself and are basking in self-love. If the dream feels stressful, it may mean that you are feeling pressure from society, friends and family, or even yourself to couple up and find a mate.

You’re in a Relationship

Whether you are in a casual relationship or a serious one, dreaming of a proposal or a wedding may give you insight as to how you are feeling about your partner. Did the dream make you happy? Perhaps you are ready to take this relationship to the next level and commit officially. Did the dream fill you with dread? Maybe you would rather take things slowly and are not ready to move forward with this person. Many people dream of weddings when they already have one planned- this can be normal pre-wedding jitters and anxiety for the big day.

You’re Already Married

If you are already married, maybe you are dreaming of your proposal or wedding as it happened. If those were happy times, you may be subconsciously reminiscing about your past. Perhaps there is a current strain on your marriage, and you are longing for the comfort of the honeymoon phase.

You’re Divorced or Widowed

If you have been married in the past, these types of dreams can indicate a few different things. You may be missing your ex or just missing the partnership of being married. You may also be ready to move on with a new partner.

Who is Doing the Proposing?

In most dreams, WHO is involved is just as important as what is happening or what they are doing.

You are Proposing

If you are the one proposing, this may mean that you are comfortable handling big decisions. A dream where you propose is one that highlights your confidence and ability to voice your needs and desires.

Your Partner

Whether you’re married or not, dreaming of a proposal or wedding with your partner can symbolize the deep and adoring love between you both. If you aren’t already married, dreaming of your partner proposing may catch you off-guard; or it may feel like a natural next step in your lives together.

Someone Else

Don’t fret- dreaming of a coworker proposing doesn’t automatically indicate that you have an office crush. Sometimes we dream of someone who has proposed something besides marriage, whether it is a new course of action or a new idea. These dreams are a way of mulling over that new option.

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Ex Proposing?

Dreaming about an ex can be confusing, but your feelings about them can steer you towards an honest interpretation. If you feel a pang of longing about the dream, perhaps you are still nostalgic towards that person or the relationship you had together. It can also symbolize a renewed commitment to the person you were when you were in that relationship.

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Dreaming of a Proposal or Wedding That Isn’t Yours?

If you are dreaming of a wedding that isn’t yours, pay attention to the people involved. They may be family members, coworkers, or friends. If you are happy for them, think about what that person is going through in waking life. Are they up for a big promotion? Buying a new house? This dream may just represent how happy you are for them to take on the next chapters of their life. If you aren’t quite sure who is getting married in the dream, it may signify your desire to experience balance, such as the balance of a true partnership.

No Need to Stress

Whether the proposal is yours or not, weddings are often a joyous thing and a positive symbol in dreams. Even if the dream gives you uneasy feelings, the dream itself can then be a positive tool in understanding your own situation and emotions. Dreams about weddings carry notions of commitment. Whether it is pertaining to your love life or not, this dream can be a sign that you are ready to step up to the plate.

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