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Empowering Questions to Ask a Psychic

The best questions to ask your Guides, intuitive, psychic or medium result in answers that encourage your active role and which empower YOU. Instead of leaving you in a passive role (focusing on other people, waiting for things to happen, or living in fear) empowering questions allow you to have the most value and the most information for the time you have to spend with an intuitive.

These questions keep the Focus on YOU. If you make yourself the object of your questions, you keep your true power of choice and change which can truly transform your life from within. Any questions that focus solely on other people or situations out of your control will soon have you spinning your wheels and losing ground. Do you want to be the main character in the story of your life, or do you always want to depend on other people or forces out of your influence? Focusing on yourself empowers you.

Avoid yes or no questions. No simple yes or no answer will give you the information that you need and only gives you the tiniest and most ineffective view of what is really going on. These questions only lead to more questions. For example, knowing whether someone will call you gives you absolutely NO information about the potentials involved or active role you could take in the relationship.

Avoid WHAT SHOULD I DO? questions. The purpose of an empowering, healthy, intuitive reading is to allow you to make your own choices and tap into your own wisdom. Your intuitive counsellor/psychic may give you their opinion, and you may ask, but remember, your “guides” are here to help you navigate the map, but NOT to make decisions for you. You are the driver.

Avoid WHO, WHERE and WHY questions. Getting a detail without focusing on your true power in a situation is like having a car with a full tank of gas and no direction to go in. Not only that, but details could cause you to stop taking actions that build the very results you want to achieve. If you knew a man in a blue ice cream truck meant to give you a sack of money, you might frantically start searching for the man and the truck without knowing that the ice cream truck had been painted recently, or you might think and try so hard that you alter the natural flow of events that would bring this event to you.

Avoid focusing only on WHEN questions: You have the ability to make choices, use your free will and alter your course. So too, does everyone else around you. Knowing what your options are more important because without your empowerment, “when” doesn’t tell you very much – worse it puts you in the position of waiting around instead of claiming your power. You can speed things up, slow things down and change the path based on your choices.

The most empowering questions to ask are WHAT can I, HOW do I, and SHOW ME questions. This focus gives you the maximum useful information and puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. These questions put the focus on you instead of others, since you cannot control the choices or reactions of other people: Instead of: “Will Roger call me?” you could ask, “How can I relate to Roger and improve my communication with him?”

Instead of: “Why did my girlfriend do this to me?” you can ask, “What can I understand about this situation to help my girlfriend and I build a positive connection instead of this?”

Instead of: “Should I put my father in a nursing home?” you could ask, “What choices do I have in this situation, what do I need to know that I’m not seeing?” or “Show me what to consider in order to make the best choice for my dad and my family.”

Instead of: “When is my soul mate coming?” you could ask, “Show me how to open up to a true relationship and create the best circumstances for meeting my partner.”

Being specific is the BEST way to ask, HOW can I , WHAT can I , and SHOW ME questions. Instead of vague questions like, “Will I be get job?” ask, “I’m looking for a job in the next 6 months, what are my options and how do I go about making the most successful search?”

Some great How, What, Show Me questions can help you tackle even concepts that are hard to define for yourself, such as the direction you want to take in your life or career, or how to heal core issues and become happier:

“Show me how to tap into my real passion and find what I care about?”

“How can I invite more happiness into my life?”

“What can I do right now to get a better feel for who I am?”

“What can I learn about my spiritual gifts?”

“How can I take the best care of myself in this situation?”

“Show me what I can be cautious of?”

Love & Light

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