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Have you ever walked into a room shortly after a fight and felt like there was a heavy cloud in it? Or have you ever walked into a place where people were recently laughing, joking, and having a great time and you can feel the happiness but are not sure where it came from?

Many of us are sensitive beings. In fact, every human and living being on this planet is a sensitive being to the energies around us. Over the years I have continued to harness and hone my skills with working with energy. We can bend energy with our will and thoughts. We can mold the world. I will get into more details about how our energy and thoughts can create with just that, thoughts, in another blog at a different time. Back to energy and being aware of it.

We can choose our energies. We can choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood. We can choose how we react to other people’s behaviors and the energy they put out. No one can force us to behave a specific way, it is all our own individual choices.

Some psychics, healers, and other spiritualists refer to a specific energy system in our bodies called the Chakra system. I am no expert on the chakra system and continue to learn more each day. One important thing I have learned is that chakras are a real thing. Although not tangible, their energies affect how we function daily in our lives. Some of our chakras are open, some are closed, that I will get more specific about shortly. There are different beliefs on what chakras systems exist. Chakras are widely known and doing a bit of research on this topic and give you a lot to think about. Chakras can be our main flow of energies in our bodies and depending on what is happening with specific chakras, we can have good and bad experiences with energy.

The quickest easiest way to become more aware of your daily energies and how they affect you is meditation. I would suggest meditating at least 10 minutes a day to check in with your body and your higher self to see how you’re feeling about things and what needs to be cleared out. When you meditate you can envision what you want for yourself to help you find focus in your life. If you find meditating hard, start with a basic guided meditation on Youtube, lay down or sit down in a quiet area, close your eyes, and just listen to what the guide tells you. Use your imagination to envision what you are being walked through. Do this a bit every day on topics you feel you need. The number of options is limitless.

Everyone has the ability to check-in with source, the universe, their guides, and higher selves, it’s more about quieting your voices in your head and just listening. Check in with what is upsetting you and throwing you off balance.

Choose to be happy. Choose to not allow it to hurt you or affect you. When you choose you, and continue to work on choosing you, it will make a significant difference in the energetic vibrations you put out there in the world. Then, positive high vibrations attract other positives, things will shift quickly for you. Good luck! And remember, you can always consult with a guide or professional who can help you along this journey, that’s what we are here for.

Love and Light

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