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Fall Date Ideas

Yes, fall has it all — and there are endless fun ideas to make it romantic. Whether you’re looking for tips to help you spice up your long-term relationship, or you need solid advice for impressing a blind date, here are 10 of our best fun fall date ideas guaranteed to deliver a great time.

Hit Up Haunted Houses and Ghost Tours

If you’re looking for fun fall date ideas, nothing beats a good scare. Depending on your interests — and your fright tolerance — you can opt for ghoulishly scary haunted houses or more sedate ghost tours.

Have a Scary Movie Night

If you love a good haunting but you’re not up to visiting a haunted house, you can still enjoy the best scares of the season at home for a great fall date idea. Gather a mix of classic and new horror titles, build a fire (or light a few candles), and grab some popcorn and wine for a low-key movie date night.

Go Stargazing

High on love but low on cash? No worries — nature’s got you. If you’ve got a way to get out of town (and away from the city lights), all you need for a memorable fall date night idea is a cozy blanket and a picnic basket. Humans have looked to the night sky for inspiration since, well, forever. What could be more romantic than lying on your back next to your date, gazing up at the stars?

Catch a Game

Who says you can’t combine sports and romance? After a long summer, most sports fans are eager to jump into the fall sports season. The cooler weather provides the perfect opportunity to cuddle outdoors while you watch your favorite team.

Check Out a Wine or Beer Tasting

The rise of microbreweries and local vineyards means you don’t have to live in California wine country to enjoy what the grapes (or brews) have to offer. Walking among the barrels or sampling vintages is a romantic way to celebrate the harvest and spend time with your partner.

Throw an Adult Costume Party

Fancy something a little naughtier for a fall fun date idea? Halloween is the perfect excuse to play dress up. You can invite friends over for a fun and more laid-back Halloween party, or you can spice things up by making it a racy adult-themed affair. Fortunately, it’s easy to find flirty and sexy adult Halloween costumes online. Make it fun by choosing legendary lovers throughout history. Ideas include Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, and Tarzan and Jane.

We hope you Love these ideas, Enjoy.

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