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Gratitude affirmations

Do you know that with the help of gratitude affirmations, you have the power to attract and manifest various things into your life? Yes, you can attract and manifest the love of your life, beautiful friends, a great relationship with your parents, a unique working environment, and many other things. You can even attract and manifest the house of your dreams with a beautiful garden.

Or you can attract and manifest that magnificent expensive sweater you saw in a shopping mall. You can even attract and manifest a wallet full of money. In short: you can manifest and attract anything you want! In this guide, you will learn how to use gratitude affirmations.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you should know the significance of being grateful. However, it can sometimes be challenging to understand how to get optimal results. We will help you reach optimal results when you use affirmations for gratitude.

What Are Affirmations For Gratitude?

We are all conscious human beings, and we all have thoughts and deep beliefs. Our views and deep opinions shape our lives because our deep opinions make us feel a certain way. Depending on how we feel (positive or negative), we will vibrate high or low energies.

Depending on our vibration, we will attract miracles and manifest the things we want or don’t want. Can you see how vital our deep beliefs are?

However, some of us have deep negative beliefs. We could be dealing with negative thoughts related to love, money, happiness, health, etc. When we have negative opinions about something, we attract and manifest negative experiences related to that or those things. If we want to start attract positive things experiences, we need to change our deep beliefs!

The fastest way for changing deep beliefs, for transforming negative beliefs into positive ones, is to use short positive affirmations.

A belief is nothing but a sentence that you have been repeated so many times that it has become your truth. If you want to change a belief, you should do the opposite: you should repeat an opposite affirmation until you start believing it.

Why Use Affirmations For Gratitude?

One thing you should know is that the Universe adores grateful people. We all speak with the Universe through our emotions and our vibrations. The emotion of Gratitude is the emotion that is placed on the top of the emotional guidance scale. This means that Gratitude is one of the emotions with the highest vibration. When you succeed in experiencing Gratitude, the Universe will sense that.

As a result, the Universe will send you more and more of the things that will make you feel the same way, and you will get more and more of the things on that same vibration – the vibration of Gratitude. That is why it is essential to use gratitude affirmations.

How To Use Affirmations For Gratitude?

When it comes to “instructions” on properly using gratitude affirmations, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

When it comes to the best time to use affirmations for gratitude, many people claim that the best time is morning. However, time is not so important. You can affirm in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and it is your choice.

When it comes to the way you should affirm, you can repeat your gratitude affirmations by saying them out loud. Or you can write down manifestations. There is no perfect way, and you can choose what makes you feel better.

However, there is 1 essential thing: how you feel when affirming.

It does not matter when you affirm (in the morning, afternoon, or evening). Whether you write down your gratitude affirmations or repeat them out loud, you should make sure to imagine the emotion you want to feel as if you already have the thing you want in your life. In other words, you should experience the feeling you want to feel when you use your powerful daily affirmations.

Do Gratitude Affirmations Work?

As we already mentioned, some people who have used gratitude affirmations are convinced that they don’t work, and that’s true. Because for those people, the Affirmations didn’t work because they made a mistake: not sensing the emotion while affirming.

This means? Well, you might be aware that we all have deep beliefs. These deep beliefs will decide if you will feel positive or negative emotions. When your thoughts are positive, you are going to feel good. When your opinions are negative, you will feel bad.

Your positive emotions raise your vibrations, while your negative emotions lower your vibrations. When your vibration is high, you are attracting and manifesting what you want. When your vibration is low, you distance yourself from what you want. If you want proof, a study proves that gratitude affirmations work.

Remember to feel an emotion when you affirm. Suppose you affirm “mechanically” and simply repeat some sentences without experiencing the feeling of believing that you already have the thing you affirm. In that case, gratitude affirmations won’t work for you.

But affirm entirely concentrated and repeat your gratitude affirmations with the emotion of already having the things you want with your affirmation. You can be sure that your gratitude affirmations will bring you positive results. If you sense genuine Gratitude while you affirm, then the things you want will start appearing in your life.

How To Write Gratitude Affirmations?

Is there a “right way ” to write affirmations for gratitude? There are a few “rules” that you should follow to write your gratitude affirmation to bring positive changes to your life.

  • First of all, you need to include yourself in the Affirmation. Your gratitude affirmation should consist of the word “I” in it.

  • Then, you need to pay attention that the tone of your gratitude affirmation is positive, not negative.

  • You should also use the Present Tense and create your Affirmation so that you already feel that you have what you wish to have when you use your Affirmation.

  • Lastly, create your gratitude affirmation, so it is personal and specific for you.

The pointers above are essential. You will understand them more in practice with the following examples of gratitude affirmations below.

Gratitude Affirmations Law of Attraction

  • I am becoming aware of all of the things I am blessed with in my life.

  • I am truly grateful for everything that I already have in my life.

  • As time passes, I see more and more things to be grateful for in my life.

  • The more grateful I am for having various things in my life, the more things I attract that make me feel the same way.

  • I know that the Universe loves grateful people, so I choose to be grateful.

  • When I am aware of all the things I am blessed with, and when I am truly grateful for all of my things, I vibrate with positive energies.

  • When my vibration is high on the emotional guidance scale, that is when the Law of Attraction is helping me to attract and manifest beautiful things into my life.

  • Being a sincerely grateful person is helping me manifest the life I’ve always dreamed of.

  • The older I get, the more grateful I become.

  • The more grateful I become, the better my life becomes.

Morning Gratitude Affirmations

  • This morning, I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life.

  • This morning, I am grateful for being able to wake up.

  • This morning, I am grateful for my power to hear, see and feel.

  • I am blessed and grateful for having a roof over my head this morning.

  • I am blessed and grateful for having a tasty breakfast and a cup of my favorite coffee this morning.

  • When I observed my life this morning, I must say that I am grateful for choosing between so many different things to wear for work.

  • I am grateful that I have a job to go to.

  • I am one of the blessed ones- I’ve wake up feeling fresh and energized, ready to make the maximum out of this beautiful day.

  • I am grateful for this beautiful morning, and I am also thankful for all of the mornings in the future.

  • I am grateful to myself this morning. I am thankful to myself for allowing myself to be aware of the blessings in my life.

Daily Gratitude Affirmations

• Today is an entirely new day, and a completely new day is an entirely new chance for me to attract and manifest the life I want. That is an enormous blessing that I am genuinely grateful for. • Today, everything will happen in the best possible way for me, and everything will happen for my greatest good and for my best. That is a huge blessing for me. • Today, I feel utterly relaxed because if I cannot see “the big picture,” deep down. I know that everything that will occur today will leave a positive mark on my life. • Today, I choose to believe in myself! I know that today, no matter what move I make, that move will positively affect my day and my life. • Today, every decision I make is a good decision, and every move I make is a good one. • If I believe that I can achieve something today, I will be able to achieve it. That is why I choose to think today. Today, everything is possible, and I will take advantage of that. • Today brings so many new opportunities, and I choose to use them all! • Today, everything is fine. Today I am attracting and manifesting positive things. Today, the Universe is sending me only the things and experiences that will make me feel grateful. Today, I am experiencing the things that are rising my positive vibration. • Today, I feel great, happy, grateful, and fulfilled. Today, I can experience the true meaning of being thankful. • Today is my day! Today is a good day, and I am genuinely grateful for that.

Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

• Many people think they don’t have anything to be grateful for, but I consciously choose not to be one of them. I consciously choose to be a truly grateful person who is thankful for all of the blessings. • I consciously choose to be a grateful person because I know that a vast power lies in the emotion of gratitude. • I am genuinely grateful for all the blessings I already have in my life; that is when I have the power to attract and manifest new things that are going to make me feel grateful. • When I sense the emotion of gratitude, I become a superhero who has the power to attract and manifest anything! • I am such a powerful human being! It feels so good to have this incredible superpower! • I have the power to become grateful in a second; I become grateful when I focus on the things that I already have. • I know that it is enough to focus on just 1 good thing in my life; that focus will bring me many new things to be thankful for. • If I choose to focus on 1 good thing in my life, I will instantly feel good, and my vibration will start to grow right away. • I choose to enrich my everyday life with many things that will make me feel grateful.

I Am grateful Affirmations

• I am grateful for everything that I already have in my life. • I am grateful for the roof over my head; I am thankful for the bed that I have, and the food and the water that I have. • I am grateful that I have more than I need. • I am grateful for all of the people I have in my life – my friends, parents, co-workers, love partner, and kids… • I am grateful for having a job, and I am thankful for the possibility to progress. • I am grateful for the money I am earning, and I am thankful for the opportunities to spend that money on the things that make me happy. • I am grateful for all of my past negative experiences. All those negative experiences were experiences that gave me a particular lesson that made me a better person and improved my life on some level. That’s why I am grateful for experiencing all those negative experiences from the past. • I am grateful for all these new situations that I will experience in the future. • I am grateful for every situation that I am going to attract and manifest in the future; I am grateful for every person I will attract and manifest in the future. I am thankful for this because, deep down, I know that I am attracting and manifesting everything and everyone for my greater good. Everything that happens happens for some reason. • I am grateful for all that I’ve had in the past, I am grateful for everything that I have right now, and I am thankful for everything that I will have in the future.

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