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Great Things May Come To Those Who Wait

Meaning, while patience can potentially bring great things, simply waiting around for the right opportunities without seizing them yourself can sometimes leave you empty handed.

In love, you may have to wait, but waiting too long could mean you have missed the boat and someone else could seize the moment. Having patience is a good quality to learn to have but if you love someone what are you waiting for. If they don’t know how they feel about you after a long while they may never know. Maybe the timing is wrong, or their situation or your situation needs to work itself out. If you are willing to wait for each other and you both communicate this and understand then the waiting is not so painful. No one likes to be left dangling so to speak.

You may feel you are always waiting to be treated properly and special or waiting for that text or phone call. “Treat them mean, keep them keen” so they say. This can be a tactic used by men and women to see if they are ready to put in the effort for you, or it can be just a power play.

You need to be respectful and treat each other properly and still be a challenge not just a push over. Why do mean guys get the girls? This is not a recipe for lasting happiness. Abusive treatment and language are mean and unacceptable, and no one should put up with this. Everyone needs to know their self-worth because we live in a harsh world and should not put up with harsh behavior from anyone.

Long distance relationships need patience which is an aspect of love. Knowing that it won’t be forever and there may be reasons out of each other’s control, can help to have patience. Communication is the key and women like to communicate sometimes more than men so being considerate and finding a happy medium and being aware of each other’s feelings is very important.

Patience is important if you are together as a couple giving each other space and not expecting things when you want them. Learn to ask and convey your feelings in a mature manner and give each other time to process their thoughts. Everyone has faults and thinking before speaking and biting your tongue is part of learning to be patient. Try to see each other’s point of view and lower your expectations so as not to put pressure on the other person and become disappointed.

Patience also means not losing your temper or getting annoyed or acting irritable constantly as this can wear your partner down, so just try to keep your happy pants on. It’s all very well to be patient when things are going good but what about when there is a problem. Everyone has problems at one stage or another and patience is needed. This quality helps you to have empathy and kindness and a calm heart without high blood pressure. Anger is a great health hazard and as we mature, we mellow and learn to control this with patience.

Love and Light,

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