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Grounding Tips For Couples

Staying grounded and centered helps us to face many challenges and difficulties that we may encounter, whether that is simply having a rough day or having a disagreement with our partner. When we are in a grounded state, we have a greater chance of not giving in to emotional highs and lows, and that makes communication and interactions with those in our lives much easier.

5 Ways Grounding Yourself Can Help Your Relationship

Being Calm

Tense moments with your partner can easily escalate. Every problem is more manageable when you can remain calm.

Staying Focused

Being grounded results in increased clarity and focus. The chances for a misunderstanding or misinterpretation are lessened.

Being Mindful

We waste so much time on past regrets and future anxiety. Mindfulness and grounding anchor you in the present.

Being Patient

When emotions are high, both of you are more likely to be reactive. It is far easier to be patient when you feel grounded.

Acknowledging Gratitude

It can be hard to count your blessings, especially if you are not thinking clearly. Grounding yourself allows for a deeper perspective, allowing both of you to be truly grateful for what each other brings to the partnership.

Soul Gazing

When you want to feel connected with your loved one you can also try using a soul-gazing breathing/grounding technique. I like to add a tactile element to this one by simply holding or placing hands on top of one another’s. Follow the below instructions for the Soul Gazing Technique:

  1. With your partner, take a minute to stretch and relax your body. Give special focus to your spine, neck, and head. Begin contracting and relaxing the muscles around these areas before allowing the muscles to become fully relaxed.

  2. Before you sit, say the sacred greeting “namaste,” which is Sanskrit for, “The divine within me honors the divine within you.”

  3. Sit down with your partner, either on the floor or on the bed. Sit facing each other, either kneeling or cross-legged. You may also face each other while sitting in chairs.

  4. Focus on your breathing with your eyes closed. Allow yourself to breathe deeply, with a long inhale and a long exhale. Notice any physical tension or feelings you may have. Acknowledge and accept each of these, but do not be distracted from your breath. Continue to breathe deeply.

  5. Keep your eyes closed, but lightly squeeze your partner’s hand to let them know that you have reached a place of stillness and are ready to begin the Soul Gazing. Wait for their response to your signal. They should respond in a similar manner and when they do, both partners open their eyes slowly.

Maintaining a Connection

Being in a relationship is a joyful experience, but it also takes work to maintain. Learning how to stay grounded together can help strengthen the connection you share, which will help your love grow too.

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