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Happy Friday The 13th

FRIDAY THE 13th - UNLUCKY DAY? Watch out! Friday the 13th, often referred to as one of the unluckiest days of the year is coming! What should you be made aware of regarding this so-called luckless day? Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? Origins of this myth include the following and may help explain the lack of luck on this particular day: 1. The 13th guest at the last supper supposedly was Judas. The next day, Friday, is often referred to as the date of the crucifixion. 2. According the Norse myths, twelve Gods had a dinner party in Valhalla. A 13th uninvited guest came in and killed the God of joy. 3. Friday the 13th is also implicated in the murders of the Knights Templar by the Church. This is supported by the reported arrest of Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar on Friday, October 13, 1307. 4. Wall Street also seems to give some credence to the fear of Friday the 13th. On October 13, 1989, there seems to have been large “mini” crash. This crash appears to add fuel to the fire regarding Friday the 13th. 5. Hammurabi’s Code, written around 1772 BC, appears to leave out the Number 13 in its list of laws. 6. Numerous publications dating back to the 17th Century in England seem to have referred to Friday the 13th as an unlucky day to take a trip, start something new, have a child, get married, move, etc. It appears that Chaucer referenced Fridays in general as a day of misfortune. The number 13 by itself seems to be thought of as unlucky to this day. Many cities do not have a 13th Street or Avenue. High rises often do not acknowledge a 13th floor. Hospitals often avoid numbering their rooms with the number 13. And, a number of airports do not provide a 13th Gate. There are many other myths regarding Friday the 13th. The number 13 has been considered unlucky for many years. It follows the number 12, which is generally thought of as the number of completeness.There are 12 gods of Olympus, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 months of the year, and 12 hours on the clock. Fridays are often referred to as a day of poor luck.The Crucifixion supposedly took place on Friday. Eve may have offered Adam the apple on a Friday, and the Great Flood and Confusion at the Tower of Babel might have taken place on Friday. Friday seems to be a day to end things, not begin them. Friday the 13th combines the misfortunes attributed to Fridays and the number 13, making this day one to generally approach with caution. Perhaps Friday the 13th would be a good time to put something old to rest. It may be a perfect day to avoid in starting a new relationship, going on a first date or contacting someone new. Why take a chance? Calling a psychic to see what excitement your Friday the 13th may provide should be fun and interesting. Psychics Secrets has tested telephone psychics that may be able to assist you with your metaphysical questions. Give us a call. Don’t get burned by Friday the 13th!

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