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Healing From Emotional Pain

A lot of people come to me looking for some way to feel better or to try to reunite with an ex-partner or lover, sometimes even a friend. It is hard to find a way to move on from a very good time in your life and suddenly feel overwhelmed with sadness, emotional pain and grief. This could also include the loss of a loved one, you could even say losing a connection is like a small death in a sense. It encapsulates a lot of things. Once being happy and free, the next lost, alone and struggling.

The first thing you have to do if the relationship is completely over is to look at it realistically. You could have tried several times to make it work and nothing went right towards the end. Of course, there are times when people get back together, but others when there really is no hope of that occurring. Maybe the other person moved on with someone else? You need to take time for yourself and those closest to you will understand. Focus on the good things about yourself as an individual. Get a journal, a blank page and every day write down five good things about yourself about that day. Do this as often as possible, try to get into the mind frame of seeing the good and not the bad.

Buy a white candle and light it in a safe place, preferably in a container of glass or ceramic style pottery container. Light your candle in a peaceful setting and look upwards praying to your angels to help you, ask for healing and repeat your intentions internally three times. Ask for light and love and not for the ability to control others. If your relationship has fallen apart ask for forgiveness not only for you but for your ex. Pray that each day will get better and that you can heal from pain and hurt. That you can spend time alone until you find someone else (if that’s what you want). Sometimes if the relationship just needed time this could help heal your energy to accept love. You have to understand this is not about trying to get someone back, it’s about looking to love fully with the right person. You cannot control other people or try to. Try to do this alone when you have time and look at the flame, thinking about healing and releasing negativity from your mind and heart.

Getting outside in nature will help. Swimming in the sea, salt water is a natural cleanser for your chakras. If you can, wear a wetsuit, depending on climate and go for a swim in the sea. Feel the water gush and wash over you and release energy and bad thinking practices. Some people don’t live near the beach or can’t swim. For those, fill a bath with Epsom salts and lie in it mediating and concentrating on letting go of past hurt. Lie as still as possible in the quiet and really ask to be cleansed fully, to let go of the past and look to a better time ahead.

For those grieving, it is important to remember the good times, look at old photographs and home videos. Try not to think of the person suffering, but of them released from suffering and moving to another plane where pain doesn’t exist anymore. Some people are taken before their time, there is nothing that will take away that part of your heart, but lean on others who also feel as you do and know that you will meet them when your time comes also, that they are your guides now helping you unseen in the world of Spirit.

For everyone struggling, it does get better, time moves on, wounds heal. The human brain tends to filter out things after years and try to think of the good and not the bad. It’s okay to feel pain but not to keep dwelling on this over and over, it’s not healthy. Try to do at least one of the suggestions mentioned with good intentions in your heart. Best of luck with your healing process.

Love and Light,

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