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Help! They Don't Love Me Anymore!

We've all been through it. The pain that someone we love has said goodbye or even worse...they don't love us anymore. The first thing we ask for is "closure". If this has happened to you, you have your closure already. What you are asking for is answers to the questions as to why

this has happened.

I'm not sure you'll ever get the answers to ALL of your questions. Maybe

that's a good thing.

If you look back over your relationship, I'm sure you'll remember some

"warning signs" but decided to ignore for one reason or another. That's okay.

Cut yourself some slack. You're allowed to hurt and cry. But, don't dwell in this

place of sorrow and hurt for too long. That's why so many say, "I can't forget this" or

"I can't get them out of my heart".

Yes. Yes, you can.

Why? Because this was a temporary situation that was ultimately the

best thing that has happened for you. It sounds cruel, I know. Would you rather be with someone that cheats on you, hurts you, doesn't love you or all around makes you feel bad?

No, of course not. What you've experienced is how your relationship would have been long term.

You would have been in pain the whole time and still asking, "Why? What did I do because they

don't love me?"

Here's your answer, my Darling. Nothing. You didn't do a thing and you are not to blame yourself

or think it's anything but what it is. It's that you were not meant to be together. Sadly, it happens

to all of us in our lifetime.

But, here's the good news. They did you a favor. Truly. You don't want a person that you have to be concerned about daily if they are true or if they love you. Is that a real relationship? No, it isn't.

You were brought here for a reason and while this may be hurtful, right now you need to hear the

truth and the truth is: You'll Recover. You'll find love again.

There will be a day that your special person will love you unconditionally, will be by your side, and will spend a lifetime making many memories together.

So, dry your tears and smile.

This rejection means re-direction.

The love of your life is right around the corner.

Be well, be blessed and be brave-heart

Zelda Kelly

Ext 11

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