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How Astrology is Connected to Tarot Card Readings

Could you even connect and bring Astrology and Tarot Card reading together? Well, there is no contradicting and opposing of it. They are profoundly and strongly connected. But how? For everyone’s information and knowledge, both astrology and tarot card reading philosophy and reasoning seeks advice and consultation from the astral realm for great guidance, direction and enlightenment.

In astrology, the reading focuses more on the positioning of the planets and the zodiac signs while in tarot card, the reading focuses more on mythological and folkloric powers from the astral realm. When these two things are put together as one, tarot card readers would be able to widen, extend and develop their practices, methods and knowledge in order to gather and accumulate beneficial information and knowledge that their clients would need to enhance, refine and improve their current lives.

The actual connection of astrology and tarot card readings

In truth and practice, astrology takes a crucial and an important role in understanding and explaining the cards and what each card might actually mean. One of the most noticeable and primary link between astrology and tarot card reading is the use of spreads. Basically, a spread actually looks like a constellation. Also, the arrival and coming of the Order of the Golden Dawn, it is an obscure and abstract order that has been greatly linked with spiritualism and astrology, is a major link and analogy between astrology and tarot card reading.

Is there a difference between astrology and tarot card reading?

Well, yes, there is. In truth, the difference between the two is their reputation or stature. As we all know, astrology is measurable and could be assessed therefore it could be closely interconnected and associated with mathematics. As a matter of fact, long ago, people uses to call astrologers as mathematicians and the people before do not doubt the abilities of the mathematicians in gathering and accumulating knowledge and information about certain people, things and events as they believe in their accuracy and legitimacy because astrology could be calculated.

While in tarot card reading, a tarot reading session could have a variety of ways and methods on how it can be conducted and given, depending on the expertise, knowledge and experiences of the tarot card reader. With this, it is safe to assume that tarot card readings mean free interpretation and explanation and the things that could be revealed will depend on the presentation of data and knowledge from concurring situations, conditions and circumstances.

Even though it is true that both tarot card reading and astrology allocates a common ground like both methodology believes in revealing knowledge and information on how to develop and enhance one’s future than to actually just foretell things and events that might happen in a person’s future life, they still have a difference.

Tarot card reading is a predominantly intuitive and instinctive action and deed with relatively few positioned rules and principles to follow. It also concentrates on how a person’s behavior and conduct would be able to influence them. While astrology is further established and specified in each event that allows the astrologers or mathematicians to have a limited and fixed number of explanations, understanding and interpretations. Also, in astrology, it focuses and it is more interested in a certain person’s intrinsic and inherent character and personality.

Both tarot card reading and astrology have been existing with us for a long time. So if ever you would want to have either tarot card reading or an astrological reading, you might want to do your research first so you would know which kind of psychic reader should you go for.

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