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How do you know your Guides are around?

As you are bogged down with all kinds of “to do list” around you and running here and there, we forget to watch for the signs that surround us every single day. You will see your guides are talking to you in so many ways letting you know that those fears and worries don’t need to be. Have you ever been driving around and seeing the same numbers on license plates as you travel through your day? Those numbers are messages from your guides. Once you know what the numbers mean you can decipher the message.

Do you have an animal that keeps showing to you either on the net or in your own back yard? Here is another message from guides to let you know what is coming your way. Different animals mean different things. Try looking up the “totem animal” that you have been seeing on the net and it will explain exactly what that animal is about.

Have you heard a certain name around you everywhere you turn? Another sign that your guides are helping you along the way and they are working in the ethers to bring this person forward. It usually means communication is coming from the certain person as in getting you prepared for when they do contact.

I have learned along the way to ask for signs regarding worries that you are having. I always tell my clients to ask for something you don’t see everyday from your guides to let you know that what you are feeling is true. I also tell them to wait two to three days for this particular sign to show up and that is your answer. Some clients get the sign within an hour or a day some a bit longer. The signs will keep showing to you till you actually “see” it or “hear” it. This is your guide for work for you in the Universe. Know that the Universe is always changing and that there is a whole realm, which we can’t see that our guides are working for you. It is up to us to keep the faith and keep the focus on us and just move ourselves forward.

We have to be happy with ourselves before we can make anyone else happy. Let your focus be on you and what you would like to accomplish in life. Let your guides help you along just for you. Once you start loving yourself and moving yourself forward, the right people and right situations fall into place.

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Shaun Barefoot
Nov 27, 2021

Thank you. Bella love you. Hope your Thanksgiving was a special one.

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